DIY Cork Board

So a few weeks ago I saw this amazing cork board DIY from Creative Wish. Now that we have moved into our new office space I decided to remodel some of the things I had.

On my wall I used to have a dry erase/cork board. I never used the dry erase side so I decided to ditch it. Then I found a pretty decent sized cork board in the hallway that I took to spruce up. I got my supplies at Michael’s. I decided at the time to get a bristle paintbrush, not a foam one like in the tutorial. Big mistake. The coarseness of the cork kept making the bristles fall off so I had to keep picking them off individually. I got a light yellow paint for the back and then a blue/turquoise color for the dots. I like bold colors.

So I started with my original plain cork board

Then I coated the whole thing in the yellow paint. I was going to do something with the frame but I decided to just leave it alone.

Next I took a wine cork and my paint and dipped the cork into the paint. I blotted it a little and then pressed down randomly making dots.

Some dots were completely covered in paint and some I either had to go over or just left with some sparse areas.

Now I have a cute cork board for my office wall! This was really a very simple thing to do to make a boring old cork board into something cute and unique.

After I hung it at work I started adding a few things, but I will have to wait and see what else I want to put on it. I don’t want to cover the whole thing though!


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