Office Renovations…Again

I give a lot of credit to bloggers who blog every single day. I for one love reading blog that are constantly updated, but unfortunately I cannot keep up. I have always kept myself busy. I feel like I have wasted my day if I don’t get more than one thing accomplished. With a full-time 9-5 job, a part-time job, countless freelance jobs, going to the gym and trying to hang out with friends and family….by the end of the day I am usually wiped. I really do need to start making time to blog though. It really helps me escape, just for a little bit.

That being said I have had a lot of changes recently. Even though we were told an office renovation was NOT happening at my work, it did. I recently mentioned it, but now MOST of it is complete.

This was my old adorable desk area. Ugh I still miss it.

And now Laura, Sara and I are in our own office. It isn’t as bad as we thought it might be. We keep the door almost completely closed all day so we only have to use one space heater to keep us warm. For some reason my office is always freezing.

Sadly I still don’t have a complete desk. They had to order the piece so I have been living like a squatter the past few weeks. They dropped the desk off yesterday and are “supposedly” installing it tomorrow. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Tonight I will start working on cleaning and organizing my second job because we are also moving to a new location. I hope we can pull it all together and get everything organized before I leave for Geneva in a few weeks….so much going on.

Tomorrow I WILL post about our California trip! I must make time to….


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