Motivation Monday – Project Life

Well I have officially joined the Project Life bandwagon. I have been making photo albums sporadically after big trips with all the pictures I take. After seeing a lot of Project Life posts I decided it would be a fun endeavor to catalog my year as it goes on.

I am a little behind right now since I just started which means I need to make up for the last two months of pages. January was a big month with the week in Disney for the Dopey Challenge, but February was pretty uneventful so that should be easy to catch up with.

My problem is I see all these other amazing albums online and I want mine to look just as amazing. I went a whole week printing and changing out cards just on my FIRST PAGE. I realized after my 5th revision that this is my book and it is going to be the way I like it, not the way other people do it.

I started out with this album. It was the only one I liked at Michael’s the first time I went. Then I went to the other Michael’s by my house for extra supplies and found an equally amazing album. Once I get this year up to date I am going to try and go back and do last year (mainly pictures no reviews or text).

I also picked up two box sets Midnight and 5th and Frolic (each with a 50% off coupon) for my filler cards. I also got a corner rounder punch because I love the rounded corner look and I want to make my cards match the fillers.

I decided that I needed to incorporate Disney and my family into the opening page. Even though my dad is no longer with us he is with me still every single day and that was part of the focus of the 2014 opening page. I wanted 2014 to be a larger photo that went into different boxes. I made the adventure card to open up the story.

Next was the first week of January aka New Years. I haven’t really been taking photos too much (that has changed since this started) so I didn’t have too many to incorporate. After a few versions I finally decided on a week card that highlighted the days the photos were taken. I also love the black and gold filler cards. It reminds me of New Years colors.

The rest of that week was preparation for our big January Disney trip. We did get to spend some time with my little cousin as well. I decided, even though I have good hard writing, I wanted the review cards to be printed. I just like the way it looks. That might change as I start to journal more, but for now printed is the way I am going. It was pretty hard to think back to January to do a currently card, but I figured most stuff out.

Now I was onto the second week of January which was my epic Disney trip. This section is going to be more than 2 pages for the week. More like a page or two a day since we did so much. I decided to make an opening spread to show what days the following pages were going to be about. I saw someone else do that Disney cards across two pages and I thought it would be perfect. I have to start getting away from the 2/4/2 pages in the following ones though to break up the way it looks.

Right now I am working on designing some generic Disney filler cards for the rest of the pages as well as some runDisney filler cards. If I deem any of them good enough I will definitely be putting printables up with the design along the way.

So that is where I am at with my 2014 Project Life album so far. My goal this week is to finish a page a day, but we don’t have a printer at work at the moment so I definitely at least need to design them and then print them once I can.


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