Instagramming February 2014

I am so glad February is over. Anything that brings me closer to warm weather!

1. February started out with our 29th birthday. We decided to celebrate the day before at Dave and Busters because our actual birthday was Superbowl Sunday. We had a lot of great friends out with us and I even got a Domo with my credits.
2. The Superbowl was in NJ this year, right down the highway from where I live. The asshole Superbowl people totally dissed East Rutherford (where the stadium is) so they held their own giant tailgate. It was a cool idea but so crowded we only stayed for about an hour.
3. We watched the most boring Superbowl I can remember at my friend Stacey’s house. It was kind of sad to see the Bronocs loose SO BADLY but we had a little birthday celebration for Cheryl and I and our friend Jill who has a birthday 2 days after us.
4. Then the never-ending snow began. I worked from home on the days that it snowed because I had to shovel…a lot
5. The Art Dept team hit up the new Shake Shack by work. They had Abita root beer on tap and the burgers were amazing!
6. I worked a wedding and thought it was cute watching the dads take care of the kids while the moms got wasted and danced the night away.
7. Then it snowed again. It got to the point that I didn’t even know where to put the snow!
8. I had a lot of work issues this month stemming from an unnecessary office renovation. It’s still ongoing and more annoying than ever.
9. I got new workout duds from Cheryl to cheer me up and kickstart working out again.
10. We went on an awesome How I Met Your Mother bar crawl in NYC. We all dressed up as different characters from the show. Cheryl was Lily and I was her doppelgänger Stripper Lily. Every bar was a different character. It was an awesome night out that I definitely needed and we even won our costume contest!
11. We finished our crossfit essentials class. We take our first official class tomorrow morning (as long as the snow isn’t crazy)

The biggest highlight of this month though was our spotlight in Self! Cheryl did the Drop 10 diet a few months ago and this month they were finally able to run the little spotlight piece about her and I got to be in the magazine too!

How cool is that!

I am hoping March is a lot less cold and snowy than February was. I also hope this office renovation isn’t a total nightmare. We are off to Cali this coming weekend to visit San Francisco and attend the LA Veronica Mars movie premiere! I cannot wait!!!


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