Transformation Tuesday

Ever since I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I have always considered myself a “bigger” girl. I blame it partly on my genetics. Women in my family gain weight VERY easily. Not sure why, but we do. Mostly though I blame myself and my love of food. Not just junk food, all food.

When I was younger I was always just a little heavier than my friends. My sister and I were always roughly the same size so I guess I never felt too different because I had Cheryl. We weren’t inactive kids either. From when we were little we were always doing something. Dance, swimming, softball, cheerleading. No matter how many activities we were involved in though we always tended to gain weight.

I didn’t start feeling like my weight was a setback until high school. Up until then we had gone to catholic schools so our everyday outfits consisted of our uniforms. On weekends and during the summer we wore normal clothes, but I had horrible style sense. I will blame it on the fact that in school it didn’t really matter, but really I just had horrible fashion sense. We went to a public high school. We went out for cheerleading, but didn’t make the squad. After that we went out for band. Now most people would think that band is not very active, but our band was pretty intense. We had band camp in the summer, followed by daily after school practices outside marching…and marching…and marching. It would have been great exercise had I not also eaten like crap afterwards.

In high school it was all about looks so not being able to wear a lot of the clothes my friends could wear because of my weight got frustrating. Junior year we joint Weight Watchers for the first time. I was kind of embarrassed but I knew that we had to learn how to eat properly and start exercising more. That summer my family had decided to go on our first cruise. I worked out like crazy so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to put on a bathing suit. I think I lost a total of 20 or so pounds before the cruise.

Unfortunately we didn’t realize what a cruise entailed. Food and sugary drinks all hours of the day. I don’t even know how much I gained back while on the cruise and after we got back I was too embarrassed to go back to Weight Watchers at a higher weight so I never went back and the weight escalated again. Working in an ice cream shop for a few years also didn’t help the situation.

My freshman year of college was the highest my weight had ever been. This is always a breaking point for most people. You go away to school and now have to fend for yourself. No more mom making dinner for you. Either you paid for specialty items like bagels, wraps and salads in the union or you tried to find edible meals in the cafeteria.

Freshman year I made some amazing friends, but still felt embarrassed going to parties or dressing up for halloween and being overweight.

Throughout college my weight fluctuated. It was a never-ending cycle of working out all week at the gym and then going to parties on the weekends, drinking beer and eating late night snacks. I was never involved in any sports but I made it a point to try and work out when I could.

After graduation I vowed to loose weight and get healthy and I discovered the best thing that ever happened to me…..running. It became a way for me to disconnect and clear my head. At first it was rough and doing a few miles a week was torturous. Then I started doing races and I loved the competitive rush. Finally the weight started to come off. Not only was I shedding pounds but I also felt so much more confident in myself.

By 2009 I was at the thinnest I had ever been in my adult life and I felt fabulous. I was running half marathons like they were nothing and it became my goal to run a full marathon. Since then I have run 5 marathons and a dozen or so half marathons.

So the whole point of this post was to discuss exercising and weight loss. Since 2009 my weight has fluctuated. Now, at 29, loosing weight isn’t as easy as it was back in my early 20’s. Running was once an all over body workout for me, but after years of training (especially for marathons) it is more a stress reliever than anything else. In recent months I have tried to add new exercising to my routine. Barre classes, kickboxing, spin. I get really into something for a while, but then just as easily I loose interest.

My newest endeavor is Crossfit. On Saturday we took our first trial class and let me tell you. IT WAS INTENSE! We did AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible) Most classes are about 30 minutes of these AMRAPs but they started us off slow with just 15 minutes. We had to do 5 pull-ups (with resistance band assistance), 10 push ups (on my knees) and 15 squats. We had to repeat that circuit as many times as we could for 15 minutes. I did it 8 times and was drenched in sweat by the end. 15 minutes!

I felt awesome after the class and we decided to continue on with the essentials classes this week. Sunday morning I woke up in severe agony. My whole body was sore. I thought to myself “how am I going to do this 3 times a week!” I have seen people that do crossfit, including my cousins in Florida, and I want those results. I am at a point where loosing weight would be cool, but my main focus is to tone my body and build up my strength.

Today I am feeling better but still sore. I have my first essentials class tonight and I am both nervous and excited. Onto the next chapter!


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