Friday Favorites – Things I Am Pinning

Well if you live pretty much anywhere in the United States you know how much this winter has sucked. Snowstorm after snowstorm after snowstorm. Nowhere is safe. There was snow somewhere in 49 out of 50 states yesterday! It has gotten to the point where I literally have no where to put the snow. Luckily I work at a place where there is an option for us to work at home. Yesterday we got pummeled by a huge storm.

This was during the day yesterday. Even with a snowblower it took us almost 3 hours to move the snow. Last night we got even more snow and I was up early to shovel once again. I am working from home again today but I drove my mom to work since I have an SUV. Sometimes the snow can be pretty.

So I rarely post on Fridays but I notice that a lot of blogs I follow do a weekly roundup type post. I decided to let you guys in on some of my favorite things I pinned this week on Pinterest.

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Iowa Girl Eats. It has some amazing recipes I feel like I have pinned almost every one! This week her Mini Pizza Quinoa Bites look so yummy. I can’t wait to make a batch!

Mini Pizza Quinoa Bites | Iowa Girl Eats

When word of a Veronica Mars movie fundraising project on Kickstarter hit my ears Cheryl and I looked into it ASAP. We decided to donate since VM was our all time favorite show. Every donation had a prize attached and we decided on the one that got us two tickets to the LA premiere and cast after-party! The premiere date is set for March 12th and I CANNOT WAIT! This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about Veronica Mars. Check it out!

Veronica Mars Movie

I decided to hop on the Project Life bandwagon. I take a lot of pictures and even though I try to make albums on Picaboo I need a better outlet to showcase them. I grabbed this awesome album and I am now working on getting all the other pieces so I can get started.

Project Life

I have a second job at a photography studio. We are moving locations and I get to design the new space. I love this simple yet effective look. Organization is key!

Organized Office

Who doesn’t love candles? I saw this tutorial on how to make candles out of crayons. I have loads of old broken crayons that would be perfect to make these statement candles.

Crayola Candles

And finally in honor of Valentine’s Day I saw these adorable owl valentine’s to share with someone special.

Owl Valentine's

Have a great weekend everyone!


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