Disney World Inaugural 10K

So the 5K on Thursday had a relatively “later” start of 6:30. All the rest of the races were to start at 5:30 which meant a 3am wake up time to get ready, get on the bus and get to the start.

The Inaugural 10K was the newest race added to the Disney World Marathon Weekend. Going with our Disney buddies theme we decided to dress as the newest (and my new favorite) Disney princesses, Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Is that crazy girl wearing a wig?!” Well yes. I had decided that a 6 mile run was an ok distance to wear the wig. It really gave an authenticity to the costume and I didn’t want to dye my hair blonde!

The day prior, after the 5K, our friends had arrived at Disney and we changed hotels to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We tried to be as quiet as possible in the morning so we wouldn’t wake our friends up and we set out all our stuff by the bathroom the night before. We got up, got dressed and had bagels and coffee on the bus to the race.

The parking lot area was set up the same as the 5K the day before. It also felt a lot more humid today than the day before. We got our bags checked and headed to the corral area. We walked around a little bit to warm our legs up and then sat right next to the corral exit gate. After the congestion and walkers the day before we wanted to make sure we were right up front today.

Soon the fireworks for Corral A went off and the race began. We were once again in Corral D, but today something was different. It was possibly because of all the congestion from the day before, but the corrals today were spaced out. Wayyyyy out. As we were waiting for our Corral to start the winners were already crossing the finish line. What!

Finally we were off. It was nice being in the front of the pack. Less bobbing and weaving today. We turned left in the parking lot instead of right. The way they made this race longer was a nice tour of the Epcot parking lot. Finally we headed into Epcot the same way we had the day before, by Norway. We were hoping that Anna and Elsa would be out on the course. Sadly they were not but we got the next best thing. Mile 4 with them! I loved that they played Let It Go on the course as well.

As we ran through World Showcase the notable difference was the lines for characters. They were much shorter today! We decided to stop by Morocco to see Genie and then as we left out to the Boardwalk we stopped to get a picture with football Goofy outside the ESPN restaurant.

The lines were shorter today and it was so humid the break from running was nice. I was sweating in my wig, but I knew I could finish with it on. No stopping us now!

We headed around the Boardwalk, smelling all the treats in the bakery, down by the Swan and Dolphin then headed back past the Yacht and Beach club. I love running around the Disney Boardwalk. When we stayed there in December I tried to run it a few times (when it wasn’t raining) because I knew it was part of the 10K and marathon course. Then we headed back into Epcot to finish running around the World Showcase.

Cheryl is such a ham. Whenever she sees a camera she makes sure to look like she is having the time of her life. Waving and thumbs up. I just try to smile!

Finally we were headed back out into the Epcot parking lot to the finish line!

We finished with a time of  1:21:42. Not bad for the character stops and the humid temps. We also made sure to take our official race finish photo today. They didn’t have anything set up the day before for the 5K.

After the race we went over by the character area, but the lines were crazy so we decided to head back and get ready to spend the rest of the day in the parks.

I liked the 10K course. The parking lot in the beginning wasn’t horrible and even though we had run the World Showcase the day before they made sure to have different characters out to mix it up. I also love running the Boardwalk so that was fun!

9.3 down and 39.3 to go!


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