Family Fun Run 5K

Well I have been putting this off long enough. This week will be dedicated to my Dopey Weekend in Disney a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know what a Dopey Weekend means, let me give you a quick overview.

Every year Disney holds their annual marathon. Last year they had a 5K on Friday, half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday. They also introduced the Goofy Challenge. If you did both the half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday you got both of those medals plus a special Goofy medal. The race challenge was so popular they decided to take it a step further. This year they introduced the inaugural 10K and the inaugural Dopey challenge. Now the 5K would be held Thursday, the 10K on Friday, the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. You could choose just one race, the Goofy challenge or all 4 races and the Dopey challenge. It being our last race weekend we decided why not go out with a bang and do the Dopey challenge. 48.6 miles in 4 days!

The first of our four races was the Family Fun Run 5K

Now we had signed up for the races months prior to the race. When signing up they only asked us for our marathon time. We signed up with a finish time of 5 hours for the marathon. Now what we didn’t know is they then took that time and “guestimated” all our other finish times. It seems silly but just because it takes me a while to finish a marathon, you shouldn’t assume that it will take me just as long to run a 5K. Also, every past race our corral assignments have notoriously been way off. Even putting the same time as my sister we were corrals apart, but were able to fix this at the expo. We didn’t find out until a week or two before, and only because I read it on a blog, that times could not be fixed at the expo. After speaking to THE RUDEST runDisney associate on the phone (every time I tried to ask a question she would just cut me off and say NO) we decided to just go with what corrals they gave us and enjoy ourselves.

We wound up in corral D (out of E) in both the 5K and the 10K. My only other issue besides corral assignments, was that we had to re-wear our bibs. One bib for the 5K and 10K and one for the half and full. Now I understand conserving paper and time chips and such but I sweat…a lot and Florida is hot so the prospect of having to re-wear my gross bib was not something I liked, but I dealt with it.

We had decided that for the Dopey challenge we would dress up for every race like we had for all our other races AND we would be Disney “buddies.” Our first set of costumes we decided to be Chip and Dale, but not just regular old Chip and Dale. We wanted to be Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. A favorite TV show of ours when we were younger.

The 5K started out in the Epcot parking lot. We took one of the first busses from our hotel Caribbean Beach. We got to the start area relatively early and decided to wander around. I was intrigued by the food trucks, but we had already eaten our granola bars. We did take advantage of the huge jugs of water and cups provided. Now it was time to wait. We went and sat near the exit gate for Corral D and listened to music and stretched. Once we saw Corral A passing by we went and stood near the metal gates and had a nice time watching the poor volunteers attempting to move the gates and set up tape for us to walk behind.

Finally the first fireworks were set off for Corral A. We waited and finally it was our turn to cue up to the front. We didn’t really start toward the front of the pack, but at the time we figured it wasn’t a big deal. We were wrong.

After about 15 minutes from Corral A’s start our fireworks sailed into the sky and we were off. The start of the race was through the parking lot and a turn towards Epcot. Unfortunately since we were in such a far back corral everyone around us didn’t start off at a run like Cheryl and I. Most started off at a jog with others starting off walking. I knew this run was a run/walk fun event, but after having to bob and weave through our corral I was anxious to see what was to come.

We bypassed the Bug’s Life photo opportunity and kept racing into Epcot. We came in near Norway and rounded around the World Showcase. Still we were bobbing and weaving through huge groups of walkers. I can understand walking, but when you take up the entire path don’t get mad when people yell “excuse me” and attempt to get around you. The amount of dirty looks I got was crazy. At least I was trying to be polite and not just knocking into people.

Every character stop in Epcot was crazy packed. The worst was the line for Dopey. It stretched from Germany almost to France by the time we got there. We decided to just keep going and if any of the lines were shorter we would stop. Well every line for every character was so long we just gave up and decided to just run to the end.

We came around Spaceship earth and headed back out to the parking lot to the finish. There was a massive speed bump that didn’t have any volunteers pointing out that I saw a few people trip over and almost fall. Luckily no one I saw got hurt. Then we rounded the parking lot into the finish.

We crossed the finish in 33:15 which wasn’t bad for all the walkers we had to run around. It was a nice run and a fun course. Definitely a good run to get our legs ready for the runs to come.

After we finished we went over to the character meet area. We had heard the DJ say before the run that Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Chip and Dale would be there. We jumped right into the Chip and Dale line. I mean we were dressed as them after all!

They loved our costumes and I love the photo!

3.1 miles down 45.5 to go!


2 thoughts on “Family Fun Run 5K

  1. Everything I’m reading from Dopey runners makes it sound like they really messed up the corral situation. ANYWAY, those are such cute pictures! I always look like I’m dying in race photos, even though I never really FEEL like I’m dying…


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