Ticket to Ride

There are a lot of great aspects of Walt Disney World. The food, the characters…but my favorite part are the rides. Over the last year I visited Disney World 6 times. Previous to that I had been 2 or 3 times as a kid and two more times as an adult. A lot of the rides I remembered as a kid were gone, moved or revamped, but a lot of them were still there. One of my favorites aspects about most of the popular rides are the ride photos. Now I know it’s not technically “right” but I take pictures of my after ride photo with my cell phone camera. Everyone does it. As soon as you get off the ride you see hoards of people crowded around the screens snapping pictures of the funny faces they made on the ride. Disney has these photos available for purchase, and I have purchased quite a few in the past. But $14.95 for a digital copy of a picture seems silly for every ride. Today I want to share with you some of the greatest ride photos over the past year.

My first one comes from 2010. We decided, when visiting my family in Florida for a wedding, that we would try and get through Disney in a day. My mom and aunt had blisters on their feet to prove it! This was way before MagicBands and FastPass+ One ride I HAD to go on was my all time favorite race, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I have to go back through my old photos because I know I have a picture of us on it when I was younger. Even though this is my favorite ride of all time I am petrified every time I go on. I mean you drop straight down, over and over, hoping that you will arrive safely back on the ground. Who wouldn’t be scared!

In the spring of 2012 I got to go to Disney once again. This time for my soon to be cousin’s bachelorette party. Since we rushed through Disney in 2010 I was glad I was there for a few days. I was finally, for the first time as an adult, able to enjoy all the rides at every park. I rode Rock n’ Rollercoaster for the first time. Hence my scared screaming face (this picture we purchased – priceless) and I also visited Animal Kingdom for the first time and rode my now second favorite ride, Dinosaur. The only ride in Disney that puts anything over the picture, to maybe force people to not take their own photos, is Space Mountain.

January of 2013 started our year of Disney. My now cousin found out a few months before that she was pregnant, but she still wanted to visit Disney with us for marathon weekend. Sadly she couldn’t go on most rides so it was Cheryl and I. Of course we rode Tower of Terror more than once. Cheryl had the time of her life and I look like I look petrified.

We visited Disney again in February 2013. This was a difficult trip. Cheryl and I had season passes, but the friends we were traveling with did not and they only decided to buy a 1 day hopper for our entire trip. Two bought it for one day and one for another. Needless to say we didn’t get to spend too much time in the parks.

In October 2013 we were back! I got to go to my first Not So Scary Halloween Party. We decided to ride Splash Mountain in our costumes. It was fun, until Cheryl’s costume decided to bleed red all over her skin. Never wear cheap costumes on water rides.

We had quite a few days in the parks, we all had hoppers or season passes AND this was the first time we got MagicBands and FastPass+ reservations. We had preplanned and made FastPass+ reservations for everyday of our trip before we even got to Florida. It was the best experience and we got to do so much more because we knew what parks we were going to and when to be on certain rides.

Our friend Jill who was traveling with us was not a roller coaster fan. Most of her faces on the fast rides are priceless.

The day before we ran the Tower of Terror 10 miler we decided to go on my favorite ride Tower of Terror. Of course we sat behind very tall, long armed people who blocked our faces in the photo. The day of the race, while dressed as bellhops, we made sure to ask to sit right up front. The end result was amazing, if only Jill had ridden with us!

Our all time favorite picture from this trip (which I bought) was our ride on Everest.

November 2013 brought us back to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. This was my all time favorite race of the series. We also couldn’t convince anyone else to make another trip down so it was just Cheryl and I. We utilized FastPass+ once again. I rode Buzz Lightyear for the first time. That is a confusing ride as you can tell my the look on my face. You can’t see where you are aiming and the points make no sense. I much rather Midway Mania. At this point we had been on most rides a number of times, so we started riding and preplanning what we were going to do for our photo. Except maybe Dinosaur, that ride always scares me.

We made sure to get to Disney early so we had time to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival and get good merchandise at the expo. Extra days in Disney meant extra times riding Tower of Terror. It helped that we were at the Dolphin so we could walk to Hollywood Studios.

A weird thing happened in November. While in Hollywood Studios we had extra time so we decided to ride Rock n’ Rollercoaster as single riders. We also went to Animal Kingdom for extra magic hours and were one of the first people to ride Everest. When we got home we went onto the My Disney Experience website to see all the photos from Photo Pass. In there was our photos from Rock n’ Rollerocaster as single riders and Everest. How did Disney know? We had our MagicBands on but other than that we didn’t reserve the ride. Also the fact that Cheryl and I were in different cars but they had the correct photo associated with the correct account. Maybe this is a new system Disney will be implementing in the future. All your ride photos will be available to download just like all your character photos? It never happened again after that but I would love for that to be something they start. Sometimes if you are rushing around you don’t want to wait in line to buy a photo or you might now want it until after the trip is over.

In December 2013 we went for the first time without running in a race. We went for my aunt’s surprise birthday. Traveling with family is rough. We tried to take up a whole car on Tower of Terror but some people had FastPass+ and others didn’t so coordinating was crazy.

Even when only half of us went on Rock n’ Rollercoaster we took up 3 whole cars!

Most people didn’t even go on Space Mountain but we still had 3 cars as well.

Toward the end of the trip a lot of family left and it was much easier riding with just a few people to keep track of, but I still loved every second with my big family.

January 2014 was our last Disney trip. We had decided since our season pass was ending to go for 9 days. It was a long time, but worth every second. We started out the trip with just Cheryl and I at Animal Kingdom.

Even when the weather got cold we just decided to wear long sleeves and go on inside rides. I had to buy the one on Space Mountain with the Chip and Dale hats. Loved it.

Halfway through the week Kristen and Stacy joined us in the happiest place on earth. This was the trip of preplanned ride faces. I especially liked the “where did the last row go” idea for Tower of Terror.

The one thing about Space Mountain is the car only fits 3 people. So if you travel with 4 someone has to be by themselves. Sad Cheryl. And we all look confused on Buzz Lightyear.

One ride that for some reason does not have a photo is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Stacey and Kristen decided it needed one and this epic picture was taken mid-ride.

While running the marathon we heard people in Animal Kingdom shouting near Expedition Everest. Then we saw runners going up to the ride gate. We were’t sure what was going on exactly until we heard them say something about riding Everest. WHAT! What other marathon can you ride a roller coaster during? We got right into the FastPass+ line (park patrons waiting in line were not too happy) and they ushered us onto the ride right away. Luckily when we went back the next day they still had our photo available to buy!

This trip was also preplanned with FastPass+ reservations. It was an awesome 9 days.


After reading this post you are probably thinking “wow, she takes a lot of pictures.” I love taking pictures and I love having amazing moments, like my year at Disney, captured for me to look back on. I just finished making a photo book of all the fun we had over the past year! These are just some of the great rides at Disney, the ones that give you the opportunity to capture your ride experience on film.

Until next time!


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