Instagramming January 2014

What a 2014 it has been so far. Living in the northeast means that winter can really mean anything. It can go from raining to extreme cold to snow to springlike temps in a matter of hours. This winter has been no different. We have had extreme cold (not as bad as the Midwest but bad) a LOT of snow and random days in between.

I have been neglecting to write about our most recent and last Disney trip because I can’t believe it’s over. There will definitely be race recaps this month. Maybe it will take my mind off this crazy weather!

1. We had some crazy weather the beginning of January. Snow, cold, and it just kept going
2. Luckily I was able to spend 9..yes 9 days in Disney leading up to the Dopey Challenge Marathon Weekend.
3. Even though we were in Florida though we couldn’t escape the cold. We thankfully had jackets and bought Chip and Dale hats to keep warm when it was a whopping 35 degrees.
4. The highlight of my trip, on the coldest day, was getting to ride down Mainstreet with the Dapper Dans singing Christmas songs. That was actually the last day of Christmas at Disney. They took down every single decoration overnight!
5. I had my first Jumbo Turkey Leg. It was ok. Glad I had the experience but not something I would get again.
6. We ran the 5K as Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
7. Our friends Kristen and Stacey came down to keep us company (and to have a blast in Disney) during Marathon weekend.
8. We ran the 10K as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. New favorite Disney movie!
9. Had an awesome dinner at Be Our Guest. The grey stuff really is delicious!
10. Because of Kristen I was able to see my favorite show, Wishes, from the Top of the World Lounge at the Contemporary Bay Lake. It was amazing.
11. We ran the Half Marathon as Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.
12. We ran the Marathon as Tigger and Pooh! After 4 days and 48.6 miles we completed the Dopey Challenge and got some awesome medals.
13. After the marathon we stuffed ourselves at Boma for dinner and Tusker House for breakfast.
14. The year of Disney runs is something I will never forget. It was a great experience. I am so glad I did it and I would do it all over again if I had the $$
15. We went to a Painting with a Twist party for a friends birthday in Philly.
16. Back in NJ we went from snow, to warm and back to frigid cold. I can’t wait for spring!
17. I paid wayy to much money for the sold out Disney Parks 2104 calendar online. I still love it though so I don’t care.
18. This year NJ hosted the Super Bowl. I got to go to an event for Nutrilite in NY with some players and chef Jason Roberts.
19. Our birthday is February 2nd (groundhog day) and I got some goodies from my work friends. The eclair car and frosting clown was awesome.
20. Even though I don’t like near all of my friends they still show me they care. My friend Cindy sent us some beautiful flowers. They are so springy! I hope I don’t kill them.

Every year I say to myself “this is going to be my year.” but every year seems to be worse for me than the one before. I am still hoping this year is better than last. After the horrible year I had last year I really hope that it isn’t worse. I should take the idea from Laura and start a journal and write down 3 good things everyday. This way when you go back you see the good that happened to you, it’s hard to remember the bad.

Hope everyone has a great 2014! It is only the beginning!


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