Instagramming December 2013

This crazy roller coaster of a year has finally come to an end. The year had it’s ups and a lot of downs. Some of the best moments of my life happened this year, and also one of the worst. But first let us get to the last month of 2013…December.

I wasn’t able to post anything on the blog before because it was a surprise, but in December we went to Disney AGAIN but this time for my Aun’t surprise 70th birthday. It was amazing and will have a dedicated blog post once I finish editing the photos.

Now for the grid

1. Every year we get a new Christmas lawn ornament. We usually wait until everything is on sale after Christmas but I found Barry and could not pass him up. A giant blue dinosaur with a santa hat on…my favorite!
2. We tried to make our office festive. It was really all Laura and Sara, but I threw Tigger in there :)
3. The one thing about where I live is that we have a lot of shopping. Malls, strip malls, you name it we have it. Sadly for me to get home from work, no matter what route I take, I have to pass a mall. This is an issue during the holiday season so there was a lot of brake lights in December.
4. I went to Disney for the holidays! When we were there for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon they had started decorating a lot of the parks for Christmas, but not everything was done yet. It was really cool to see all the different decorations and especially the gingerbread displays. The Grand Floridian had a whole house made of gingerbread! People worked inside it selling cookies and treats!
5. My Aunt’s 70th Birthday was stressful to plan but was amazing. More on that tomorrow.
6. I got to enjoy the warm weather during the day in Florida with my awesome new Tigger backpack!
7. We attended the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. By far the best part was the marching wooden soldiers.
8. When we got home from Florida we were thrown head first into Christmas. I wasn’t too excited about Christmas this year seeing as I knew I would be missing my dad. I didn’t really do much before we left so we were scrambling for presents up until Christmas Eve.
9. We had a very awkward work Christmas party this year. Usually it is at a local bar next to a train station so we can drink then safely take the train home. This year sadly it was a good 30 minute drive from the office at a weird banquet hall type space. The try-force (and Tom) wore ugly sweaters to try and liven up the mood, but it wasn’t the most exciting party we have had, but still fun.
10. We celebrated Kier’s birthday by dressing up in 70’s attire to go see Anchorman 2. Even at 28 I still love to dress up for things.
11. We made our traditional yearly trek into NYC to see Santa at Macy’s and see the Rockefellar Center Tree. If you have never been to Santaland at Macy’s you must put it on your bucket list.
12. I had a few hour obsession with a shop I saw in NYC called Pie Face. I had to grab a few on my way home.
13. With all my trips to Disney this year I didn’t have any vacation days left to use during the holidays. I didn’t mind. Most days the max was 10 people in the office, but I also got to leave when I wanted since nobody was there to care.
14. I made a collage of photos of our family to hang over the fireplace. Now my dad is always watching over us <3

Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!
I haven’t decided yet what my New Year’s “resolution” is going to be. I want to loose weight but who doesn’t and I exercise daily so that is silly for it to be my resolution. Last year I wanted to blog more and even though I did add a lot this year it still wasn’t nearly enough as I would have wanted.

I think this year, the last year of my 20’s, I want to focus on me. I want to make sure that I do things for me and do things I want to do. I always find myself bending over backwards for other people, only to get upset when they don’t do the same thing for me. No reason to be upset over things like that, so from now on it’s about me and working on finding out how to make me happy :)

Happy New Year everyone!


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