Kill Refurb Marry – Thrill Rides

Kill Refurb Marry

So I have never actively participated in this, but thrill rides at Disney are my favorite so I thought I would give it a shot.

My high school buddy Estelle of This Happy Place Blog and her friend Melissa of Mouse on the Mind started this a few months ago. I really enjoy reading everyone’s ideas on what they love the most and what they can definitely do without.

Kill – Mission Space

Mission Space

Now I have only gone on this ride once, when I was in Disney in November. I have heard people talk about a lot and decided to give it a try. Of course we opted for the more intense Orange Team. I did not enjoy this ride one bit (except maybe the fact that Gary Sinise leads the teams). I understand the point is to experience space but the “mission” seemed dumb and I felt like at the end it just kind of ended. There was really no resolve. Not a fan.

Refurb – Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

How can you not love this ride, especially when it is hot out it’s very refreshing. My only issue is that of the 4 times I have been to Disney this year it has either been closed for refurbishment or not working properly when I was on it. I have yet to ride it without any glitches in the characters or sitting waiting in a backed up queue to get off. If only I got stuck at the part where they sang Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah maybe I would be a little more content. It definitely needs another overhaul to get it working better.

Marry – Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

What can I say. It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE ride. I am petrified every time I sit down, waiting to make sure I heard the metal rumble in the pitch blackness as the car drives into the elevator shaft where you are then dropped repeatedly. The last time I was in Disney I think we rode it 3 or 4 times and only then did I realize it changes. Subtly, nothing crazy, but every time I rode it the amount of drops or the distance we dropped changed. I really hope that is supposed to happen! I love everything about the line to get there and I can recite the video they play as well. I would be the saddest big kid ever if this ride was taken away from me.

Well I hope I did this right! Any suggestions on what rides you would want to Kill Refurb or Marry?


3 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry – Thrill Rides

  1. One thing that drives me nuts about Mission Space is that you have these “jobs” and it doesn’t matter if you do them or not? Take that part out even and let’s not pretend here. haha. Great list, I am so psyched you decided to do this with us! Yay!


  2. Great list! We have the same “marry” so I know you have good taste. I agree with Mission: Space being a bust. I feel like it was so hyped in the beginning but now it rarely even has a wait. There’s a reason. I don’t get sick on rides, but I feel like crap after Mission: Space. So I choose not to ride it. It’s a problem. Wish they’d do something fun there!


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