Instagramming November 2013

We are down to our last month of 2013! November was an ok month, some good things and some not so good things.

1. November started off with our college homecoming. Less and less people have been traveling back the past few years and I realized once there that I can’t drink the way I used to! Still a blast
2. We ran a lot in November. Finally started to head back to our favorite trail Saddle River Park for our longer runs
3. November also brought us our last Disney run of 2013, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!
4. We had seen Disney decorated for Halloween and Fall in October, but now we got to see all the Christmas decorations starting to be brought out
5. We finally ate and drank our way around the rest of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival
6. We donned my favorite outfits of the year, Sebastian and Chef Louis, for the Wine and Dine Half.
7. We also had a mini high school reunion when we met up with Estelle and her friend and fellow Disney blogger Katherine
8. My favorite part of the holiday decorations was all the characters decked out in holiday getups! Love Tigger in his Santa hat <3
9. When we sadly arrived home (to snow) we had a lot of crazy weather to follow. Running one day in tank tops followed by head to toe winter gear in the freezing wind.
10. Cheryl got tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on opening night. A very fun show but sad it doesn’t change more every year. I like variety
11. The end of the month kicked off the holiday season. We celebrated with friends with turducken and amazing food
12. Thanksgiving this year was a hard one. First one without my dad and we also had no other family over. It turned out nice though. We each picked our favorite dishes and just made what we wanted and ate watching a movie. Quality time with my mom and sister <3
13. Even though we had a long weekend off of work it was jam packed. We headed out to our earliest Black Friday shopping at 8pm, scored some great deals and got home by midnight.
14. That night we had our 10 year high school reunion. It is crazy to think that I have been out of high school 10 years. Thinking about it lately has made me really take a look at what I am doing (and not doing) with my life. It was nice to catch up with old friends. Our class was pretty awesome and it was really motivating having everyone tell me and Cheryl how great we looked after loosing all the weight and how people love all our running and Disney pictures!
15. The next night was followed up with an equally fun reunion for our high school band’s 75th Anniversary. We got to see more old friends and it was nice being with people from so many generations that we brought together by something I know was the best part of my high school experience

December, even with Christmas and New Years and lots of vacation days, is going to be a really tough month. We have an awesome surprise to look forward to (more on that once it happens) but I also have my dad’s birthday and Christmas. Thankfully we will be surrounded by family so it should help ease things a little more but it is still going to be rough.

I hope everyone had a great November and also has an amazing holiday season, whatever faith you are or holidays you celebrate!


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