A new home for my shoes

So my room is set up pretty weird. I have two closets, both the same size with an alcove and window in the middle. When we first moved into the house I had dreams of knocking down the alcove walls and making a huge walk in closet with a window in it and a window seat. After realizing those walls are probably necessary for the roof to stay up and how much work/money would be involved I nixed the idea. I have tried a lot of different things with my closets/alcove to best use the space. The closets are deep. One has shelves in the back. The other I have plastic containers with seasonal clothes. My alcove has housed a dresser, table, bookshelves and even a bench.

Last week my friend Kristen came over and after looking at my alcove suggested I try hanging my shoes and purses in there so I would free up space in my closet. Why didn’t I think of that! I perused Pinterest for a few days and finally decided on how I wanted to set it up.

First I took out all the random junk I had been storing in the alcove. I keep starting all these picture scanning and video rendering projects and never finish them. All the remnants used to be in my unused alcove. When we redid our living room and got rid of our old TV unit I took pieces and made a makeshift window seat. Future plans are to make a good sitting cushion and paint it up but it works for now.

One of my closets has shirts, sweaters and other clothes that need to be hung up. The other one has been housing all our dresses (my sister and I share the dress closet) and it was overflowing. I had a shoe tree in it but it was just taking up space and my boots were a mess on the ground.

I started going weekly to Michael’s with 50% off coupons and picking up wooden crates. I decided I could fit 3 on the wall. I also picked up a few Behr paint samples (only $2.50) at Home Depot to paint them.

The walls in my room are a very light green/yellow. I really should paint them but I just don’t have time right now. I decided on a coral, blue and mint color for the crates.

We attached them to the wall with 3 screws on random places to hold them secure. I also wanted to not have to climb into the back of my closet to find all my purses, clutches and wallets. I got a curtain rod from Home Depot and some S hooks for my bags and hung that under the horizontal crates.

And now all I had to do was organize! I separated a LOT of shoes for our spring garage sale but I really think I need to go through again and purge more. I have a lot of shoes! I had originally intended the vertical crate to have my boots but once I realized how many shoes I had I decided to organize them at the bottom of my closet so I can see them all during the winter.

I definitely have a lot more room for my dresses now and I love my new alcove. I added a shelf on the other side of the wall for my books so it has a lot of use now.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to try!


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