Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Costumes

Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Yay! I finally got to go back to Disney this past weekend for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler!

As with the last two Disney races we knew we wanted to make costumes for the run. Two of my friends, Jill and Kristen, decided they wanted to do a Disney run and signed up for the 10 miler with us. Kristen mentioned how she wanted to dress as a Tower of Terror bellhop. At first we tried to think of Disney villains that came in 4’s but really couldn’t come up with anything. So we decided we were all going to be bellhops! We google searched images and decided to make modifications to the uniform for running purposes.

The first thing we made was the hat. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on these costumes so we got fabric and ribbon from Joann and used a cardboard box for the hats.

We made some pretty large circles to start and had to slowly cut them down to fit. Once we had a decent size circle we curled in the edges to make that that top and cut the bad for the outside of the hat.

We decided it would be easier to attach the fabric to the pieces and then attach them together. We started with the top of the hat and then the side. We used a glue gun to attach the fabric to the cardboard and to attach the top to the sides.

We also reinforced the entire inside with duct tape, just in case. That stuff works for just about every project!

Next we added a line of dark sparkle ribbon to the center and then on the outside of that put two lines of yellow ribbon. I also coated the yellow ribbon in glow in the dark paint!

Next was the vests. We knew they would be trickier. I tried looking for patterns online, but we are all different shapes and I didn’t want to have to buy muslin as well to make the pattern. Luckily I found a vest type shirt at Marshall’s for $10. I cut off the collar and folded in the bottom. Then we folded it in half and laid it on top of the fabric, also folded in half. We cut around the vest to get the shape. That left us with two “back pieces” essentially. One we cut down the middle and cut a V neck line into. Next we hemmed everything but the sides of the fabric. We wanted a clean, polished look and we bought a sewing machine for our Princess Run costumes so we wanted to get that to use!

Next we added three gold buttons we also got from Joann to the front. We wanted to add the buttons first so when we fitted the vest we had everything situated.

Now it was time for fitting! We turned the vests inside out and pinned them down the sides to fit each person snugly. Then we sewed up the sides.

Last was the finishing touches! We added more black and yellow ribbon to the shoulders. I found a Tower of Terror logo online and colored it to match our costumes and printed it on transfer paper. We transferred it to felt and then hot glued each to the vest. I also researched the Disney name tags and made us each our own Tower of Terror name tag to wear!

Voila! We all braided our hair and got black running skirts from Athleta to complete the outfit.

We got so many complements on our costumes. People kept taking pictures with us and of us. A lot of people kept asking if we worked for Disney because the costumes looked so much like what they wear at the ride. It was awesome. We even got interviewed by Run Disney! I hope we make it on the website somewhere!

The run was great and it was so fun to run at Disney again. I will have a run recap for you tomorrow!


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