Painting with a Twist

Over the weekend I visited my friend Cindy who lives in Philadelphia. We had decided we were going to have a girls night and Cindy came across a studio in a nearby town called Painting with a Twist.

I had seen these types of places before, but mainly the pottery painting/wine drinking shops we have by me. I was intrigued and a bunch of us signed up for their Saturday Happy Hour painting. What I really loved was that you could see the different painting options beforehand on the website.

We arrived a few minutes late but we were just in time to start class. They had a bunch of easels set up with chairs, paint and brushes. We all got on smocks and opened some wine!

The girls teaching the class were awesome. They really explained it step by step so that you could follow along with them. We started our painting by making a white circle for the moon. Next we put big globs of blue paint all around the edges. After that we cleaned off our brushes and from the moon started making big circles, picking up all the globs of paint along the way. That left us with a spiral sky around the moon.

Next it was time for the water. We made a solid line across the canvas for the water and then worked from the outside in with the blue paint so it was darker on the edges. Next we drew a white line down the center and feathered that out to be the reflection of the moon on the water.

At this point I loved the painting and thought we were done. Next we added some browns and greens to the edges to darken them a bit more and then threw some silver into the reflection.

The next and final step is one I would have chosen to skip if I realized how difficult it would be. Next we had to draw a bird near the moon flying over the water. Sadly I kept trying to fix my bird and it just kept getting bigger. I have now deemed it a dementor from the Harry Potter series.

It was a really fun class and a great way to be artistic. I loved how everyone’s paintings all came out a little different. The best was hanging out with my friends, drinking wine, eating cheese and pretending I was Picasso for an afternoon. If you have any of these classes in your area I would definitely recommend getting a group together and checking it out!


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