Instagramming September 2013

I know I say thing every. single. month. but where did September go!?! Summer is over and fall is in full swing :( Don’t get me wrong fall is ok but summer is by far my favorite. I still have yet to change out of flip flops, but I am now in pants and sweaters most days.

September had a lot of great stuff. I ran my first half marathon since February AND I got a decent time! One thing about fall is Football. I am not an avid sports watcher but football means tailgates and we all know how much I love to tailgate! I also bought a new car! My dad’s old van was going to be more expensive to fix than it was worth so I said goodbye to that and my fabulous Kia and traded up to a 2013 RAV4. I LOVE IT! I got to see family, friends and had some really great times. On to the grid!

1. We got our very own fancy MagicBands for our upcoming trip to Disney. 3 days, 3 days!!
2. Football is back and we have gone to 2 Rutgers games so far this year with a bunch more to go.
3. I finally experienced my first Philadelphia block party. For years I have heard about them and it lived up to the hype. We had a flip cup game with about 28 people on each side! Pretty epic.
4. We started running as a group to train for the Tower of Terror 10-miler. I am so excited I can’t believe I haven’t been to Disney since February! Our costumes are going to be amazing :)
5. We ran our 6th Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon. It was awesome and I love having a special race I run every year.
6. I drank a lot. Mostly because I had a bunch of trade shows and conferences I had to go to. Schmoozing at it’s best.
7. We celebrated our boss’ birthday in a kind of creepy way. Face signs saying it’s my birthday. Check that off the list!
8. I went to my first painting/wine class at Painting with a Twist and I fell in love! The people were awesome and the atmosphere was so great. I love everything about my painting except my failed bird attempt at the end. Looks like a dementor to me but I still had an awesome time.
9. Had an awesome girls night out in Manayunk. I haven’t been there in a while and it was nice to go out with a great group of people.
10. I visited the Brooklyn Flea extension in Philadelphia. I was on the hunt for the base of an old Singer sewing machine. Mostly because I bought this old Miller High Life crate and I wanted to make something like this. I was the luckiest and happiest girl when I saw an old sewing table for $28! I mean the table isn’t in great shape but $28! These things can go for $300 fixed up. I cannot wait to craft with this. I think I am using the base for my beer table and getting legs for the old table and attempting to fix it up. We shall see.

October is going to be a crazy month (surprise, surprise). We have Disney this weekend, my cousin’s christening, my BFF’s sisters wedding (Brit’s everywhere!), a bonfire in PA with my BFF’s for their birthdays and hopefully some fall fun activities thrown in when I can.

Hope everyone had a great month!


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