Motivation Monday – Freelance

Pinterest was one of the best things to happen to designers in my opinion. I know there are a lot of people that hate it because of copyright infringement, but for someone like me that does side freelance work, it has really helped give me exposure.

The past few weeks my blog post about my cousin’s Winnie the Pooh baby shower has been booming. People have been emailing me asking me to make them invitations because they can’t find any baby pooh invitations online. At first I was a little overwhelmed because I wasn’t sure how much to charge or if these people were legitimate. All the jobs though have been successful and I love that people all over the country can enjoy me work :)

One girl asked me to add a blue bowtie to the mickey umbrella and I really love the way it printed.

Besides the pooh invitations I have also been doing some other great freelance designs.

I do a lot of the bridal silhouette invitations, even though they aren’t my favorite. This time I also got to design a really cute recipe card. I think I might even make these for myself!


I also made wedding invitations for a friend a few months ago. I got to design her bridal shower invitations.

I am at the moment working on a baptism card for my cousin so that will be up next week. Lots of work to keep me busy!

I am still contemplating this Etsy store but I want a good portfolio of designs before I open it. If you see any designs you like just contact me by email for now



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