Instagramming August 2013

Not one single post in the month of August! I am so mad at myself!

August was the month of vacations for me. And between that and work I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off! A lot of fun things happened in August. I was away every weekend. I have a bunch of great blog posts about all my trips coming up soon! And now to the photos

1. FINALLY got to Seaside Heights. We usually stay at our favorite bar, Riggers and Razzles (yes that is the name). Seaside was a lot less crowded than it used to be but blame that bitch Sandy!
2. The following weekend we headed to Wisconsin to visit family. This is a yearly trip for Cheryl and I but this year my mom came as well and she had a blast. We went fishing, stayed overnight at an indoor waterpark, took awesome family photos and finally had a fish fry!
3. I celebrated my 6 year anniversary at work! Crazy
4. I went to the beach twice this month. We also went to Wildwood and had some great times
5. My last trip of the month was in Arizona. We flew to Phoenix then drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We hiked in and stayed at Phantom Ranch by the Colorado River. Then hiked out. After we drove to the South Western Rim and hiked to Havasu Falls. We ended the trip in Las Vegas. Full recap with LOTS of pictures coming soon!
6. My mama turned 60! We celebrated by taking her to dinner and a movie (at the same time)! We have an awesome dine in theatre by us and we saw We Are The Millers (funny)

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and boy did we labor. We did a lot of home improvement projects that are still being worked on.

I can’t believe the summer is over already :( I like fall but I know right after that is the dreaded winter months. Good thing I have a bunch of Disney runs in there to keep me headed to the sunshine!

Lots of new posts this month I promise. I also have been getting great feedback on my bridal and baby shower invitations. I love designing so please contact me! I also am thinking of starting an etsy shop!

Bring on September!


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