Throwback Thursday – Those Wildwood Days

I haven’t done one of these in quite some time!

This Throw Back Thursday is dedicated to the summertime and the beach! When we were younger we always drove to where we were going on vacation since my dad didn’t fly. So naturally we went to the beach a lot! My parents used to love to go to Wildwood. It is still technically the “Jersey Shore” but I think a lot more kid friendly, at least when we were younger it was. Thinking of Wildwood the one thing everyone remembers…Watch the tram car please!

I am pretty sure this trip was right before we started first grade. I can see our chicken pox marks in one of the pictures so it was post Children’s Studio and it was still when we let our mom dress us alike!

Wherever we stayed it HAD to have a pool. I have always had this issue with the ocean. When we were little it wasn’t as bad. I never had a problem going out deep when my dad was with me. We LOVED pools though. I still do. And of course our mom loved to dress us up in matching outfits ALL THE TIME. Looking back though the pictures are cute so I don’t mind. The bowl haircut though…ouch!

We were swimmers at a very early age. My parents started putting us in the water when we were 6 months old and they made sure we knew how to swim. They didn’t want us afraid of the water. I kind of wish they made adult swimmies. It would be nice to float around all day and not worry about moving. I mean there are rafts for that but sometimes I want to be IN the water and floating.

The other thing Wildwood has is an awesome pier with fun and games. Prices now for tickets are crazy! Back when we were little my parents paid like $20 and we could ride the rides all day. And did we! My dad even taught us to play mini golf. I just love these outfits. Matching but different colors. I wonder if there was a twin store for this kind of stuff haha.

Matching outfits! We seriously loved rides and my parents never had to worry because we always had each other on the rides. So perfect! Anyone else remember those cat and mouse bumper cars!?! I wonder if they still have them. Also, what kid doesn’t love bounce castles. Unlimited fun for hours (or the allotted time).

I recently started digitizing all our old home movies before VHS goes extinct. Watching videos from vacations down the shore makes me so happy to remember all the fun times we had as kids with our family :)


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