So this past weekend was a pretty eventful and fun one. For the first time in weeks we were in Jersey on Friday night. Also my friend Marissa happened to be visiting. We decided to head over to Chevy’s for some drinks. I got the bulldog. I had one just like it in Miami. I must say I wasn’t a fan of the Chevy’s one. The drink is supposed to be a margarita with a corona in it. There was barely any margarita so it just tasted like a sweet corona, but it was ok.

After we were also able to see a few of our other Jersey friends we have been neglecting. All in all a good night with great people!

On Saturday morning Cheryl and I woke up early to head to Crunch in NYC for a spin class being done by SELF. They asked people their favorite summer songs and then made a master mix for the class. It was seriously the best spin class I have ever taken. I was so into it and my legs almost gave out at one point I was pushing myself so hard. The instructor was great too. I wish they had more people sign up though it was so fun! After Cheryl and I decided to continue on our healthy day by getting Juice Press for lunch. It was delicious and so filling. Not sure if I could ever do an actual juice cleanse because I like food too much, but Cheryl just got a juicer so I may try it out to detox one weekend.

After we got home and got ready we headed to Philly for the Electric Run. We decided to pregame at our friend’s place. They have an awesome roof deck looking out at the skyline. After my 4th beer I decided I would walk/run since it was an untimed fun run anyway.

The pregaming was awesome and it got us all pumped up. Because the start was far away and there wasn’t a lot of parking they stressed for people to carpool or take cabs to the start. We decided to take cabs. We got to the start line and had a blast. Everyone had glow sticks and neon glow in the dark paint. It was awesome and we were all so ready to race and have a good time.

That is when things started to go downhill. As the first wave was starting we saw storm clouds rolling in. After 15 minutes no one else had started running the race and I was getting ancy. It was hot standing right next to all these people. We formed a chain and weaved our way out to the side. That is when we started seeing the lightning. As we got to the start corral we saw all these people running toward us away from the start. They said the race was cancelled because of the lightning storm rolling in and to leave ASAP. The worst part was we didn’t have a car! 12,000 people at the start line and half of them took cabs. We searched for a few minutes then gave up and started walking back. We had to walk along the Schuykill River. Cheryl and I do long runs there all the time and when we realized where we were we knew it was going to be a long trip back. We started jogging/running at first. Then they sky opened up and it was downpouring on us. Not to mention lighting was flashing all around us. We were petrified and started sprinting to find shelter. There was a random tent but once we realized it was made of metal we kept going. Finally after 4 miles we got to the Art Museum and the rain started to taper off. We were tired, cold and soaking wet. Not to mention I hadn’t eaten and it was 10:30 at this point! We all headed to the closest place we could find which was a TGI Friday’s and got food and tried to dry off. After we ate everyone was so worn down we all decided to head home and crash.

The pregame up to the start of the lightning storm was so fun. I really wish we had been able to run the race. Now they are going to “reschedule” but I just want my money back. The novelty has worn off.

On Sunday we woke up and started planning our Grand Canyon adventure we are taking in August. I cannot wait and the post after that will be epic! Then we got ready and headed down to Susquehanna Bank Center to see Zach Brown Band. We tailgated with my friend’s friends in the police/military lot. It was fun. It randomly rained on us but after the night I had before I couldn’t care.

The show was great. There were a few songs he didn’t play, but he did most of his great ones and I was happy. I was even happier because where we parked we were able to get out of the lot fast and hit the road before there was a lot of traffic. A 2 hour drive home after such a long weekend is rough. So is being up for work today, but it was a great weekend!


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