Instagramming June 2013

June had to be the most up and down month of my life.

1. The last day of May my father passed away. It definitely has not been easy, but we are getting better. It will never be “normal” again but we are making a new normal I guess. I definitely would not have been able to get through without my amazing family, friends and coworkers.
2. We went to Relay for Life. I love doing things for charity.
3. Cheryl got hooked on The Walking Dead and then got my mom and myself obsessed with it too.
4. I ate horribly for a good two weeks.
5. My coworker got a kitten named Lily and brought her into the office!
6. I have always wanted a tattoo, but never had anything I wanted permanently on my body. When my dad passed away my sister and I decided to get Love Dad in his handwriting. It hurt but it was definitely worth it. I have my dad with me every day now.
7. We went to BINGO! I won $50 and my mom won $150
8. I had a trade show in the city. It wasn’t very exciting and the Javits felt like a prison because it was so nice outside and I was stuck inside. Luckily later that day I got to enjoy the city.
9. We finally had a post-half day friday work BBQ. We used to do them every other week so hopefully we can keep it going.
10. MetLife had a Health & Fitness Expo at Giants Stadium. There were minions there from Despicable Me 2 and PAM from the Biggest Loser.
11. I finally put up my Disney medal rack.
12. Instagram started video! I made my first video of my cousin’s goofing off at their graduation party.
13. We had a few home improvement people over the house and sat through a lot of presentations.
14. We had our work picnic. The day started out cloudy and rainy but it got nice out and we got to drink by the pool

This month ended on a great note, unlike last month. My cousin finally had her baby! It’s a boy and his name is Anthony Joseph, AJ. I am beyond thrilled for them. He is such a cutie! They don’t want pictures of him online right now and I am respecting that. I had however taken over 150 pictures on my Nikon. Mind you he is 2 days old! I can’t wait to spoil him :) Even though technically he is my cousin he is going to call me Aunt Jessi. My cousin is my brother to me and he calls us his sisters so he is insisting that the baby call us aunt. It makes me smile thinking about it.

Here is to July. I hope it goes as well as it is starting off to be. The 4th of July is coming up as well as a bunch of other fun things planned.


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