Meet Me In St. Louis

Sorry for the lack of blogging this month. It has been crazy busy both at work and at home.

Last weekend Cheryl and I packed our bags once again and headed to St. Louis. It was Memorial Day weekend, but our good friend from college was getting hitched so we were excited for the trip!

I now have summer Fridays aka I go in at 8 and get to leave at 1. Cheryl also gets summer Fridays (woohoo!) her hours are 9:30-1:30. I booked a 3pm flight from Newark, but knew we had to get to the airport earlier. I worked from home so I left my house around 11:30 and took the train. Cheryl got the train from the city around noon. The skies were gloomy and rain filled so I assumed there would be delays. We definitely we not prepared for what was to come!

When we arrived at the airport our flight was already delayed by 30 minutes. We just figured that was more of a cushion to have lunch. We ate at the Earl of Sandwich in Terminal A. The terminal was packed because of delayed flights from the weather. I had told my boss I would work on stuff at the airport since I “left” early. but there was barely anywhere to sit. We were lucky to even get a power outlet. They were hot commodities! Suddenly we got a gate change notification on our phone. We headed over to the new area and waited…and waited. Finally they let us board about an hour after our scheduled time. It was a small plane so we had to put our bags underneath. We got settled and headed to the runway. I thought we were just waiting in line to take off. About 30 minutes in I was getting confused why we weren’t moving. And the pilots seemed to be revving the engine. Finally they came on over the PA and said there was something wrong with a computer screen that was essential for flight and we were heading back to the gate. First they tried to get a new screen. When that was out of the question they said we had to switch planes…if they could find one. So off we went back into the terminal to wait. Mass hysteria was ensuing inside the terminal because a flight to Nashville had been completely cancelled and people were freaking out. Luckily they “found” us another plane. After a 4 hour flight delay we were finally headed to St. Louis.

I was pretty bummed with the whole situation because we missed the rehearsal dinner, but at least we got there safe! Our hotel was pretty sweet too. The hotel was in old Union Station which is not a hotel/mall. The hotel was very vintage looking, especially the long hallways (like in The Shining)

The next day Cheryl and I did a short run in the morning to the arch. I did a vine video on the way. Then we headed over to the loop with our friend Kier’s boyfriend Eric. We were there in the afternoon until it started raining and then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

I met Jill in college. We were good friends and after college she moved to St. Louis for grad school. We only ever went out once a few years ago to visit and she has come back east a few times. She met Kate online when Kate was preparing a move to St. Louis. They are seriously the cutest couple and so in love. I am so happy for both of them.

Sadly the ceremony was supposed to take place outside. Even though the rain stopped the ground was wet so they moved everything inside. It was a nice ceremony (short) and very pretty.

The reception was in SqWires Annex. The decor was gorgeous. Blue and yellow and a very country/rustic feel. I loved everything about it!

The reception was a lot of fun! We drank, ate great food and danced the night away. Jill and Kate’s friends and family were awesome. We even took the ever famous “Apple Tree” picture <3

Another plus was the photo booth. I seriously love photo booths. I should open my own business like my friend Ashley did. Her’s is called Behind the Curtain. So cute! This photo booth was a larger one so you could fit a bunch of people in AND she had lot of props. They also used the pictures and made a guestbook out of them. So fun!

After we headed over to a local bar but I was beat. We headed home after one drink and called it an awesome night. Oh and this happened….

The next day we got up and went sightseeing! First we headed down to The Gateway Arch. Kate came with us because even though she has lived in St. Louis for a few years she still has never been inside! Of course we went on a long holiday weekend so the crowds were out of hand. We got there around 1 and bought tickets for 3:30. We decided to go get some lunch at a local brewery until our time. Jill met up with us and we headed to the arch. The wait was annoying. Even though we had a 3:30 time we didn’t get into a pod until almost 5! We hung out by the museum downstairs (like everyone else) and then stood in a very long line. There was 6 of us and sadly only 5 fit in a pod. We went 3 and 3 but because of the crowds they put random strangers in our pods too. Last time we took crazy pod pictures, but this time couldn’t because of the strangers.

When we finally made it to the top the view was awesome. It was a nice clear day.

Even though I have read how they constructed it a bunch of times it still baffles me when I am up there. I mean it’s so tall!

And of course a jumping picture :)

Have you even been to the Gateway Arch?


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