Instagramming May 2013

Even though I did not post a lot this month one thing I did do was post pictures on Instagram! Wowzas

Highlights from May!
1. They FINALLY put a new roof on our office building….or so we thought
2. Spring finally arrived and so did all the green on the trees and flowers
3. My cousins moved into their new house
4. We went to Philly (a lot) and ran the Broad Street 10 milers
5. We had a surprise baby shower for my cousin…Winnie the Pooh themed
6. I had a trade show and even though it was boring I got fun goodies
7. A Beautiful Mess…one of my favorite blogs…came out with a photo app that I am obsessed with
8. We headed to the Jersey shore to help my friend restore his house
9. We went to St. Louis for a wedding and visited the Gateway Arch
10. Summer is now in full swing and I am loving every minute of it

Hope everyone had a great month! June awaits with a bunch of fun things like Relay for Life, graduation parties for my cuzzies and BABY TIME!


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