Changing Up the Routine

So this past weekend I did a 10 mile race. I am not signed up for another race until September! In the summer most places don’t hold long racing events because of the heat. My problem is that I need to be training for something to keep up with exercising. I know I should probably WANT to exercise and the pure endorphins and how it makes me feel should be enough, but it isn’t. I am a goal-oriented person so I need a goal to strive for. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to stop running, but I need other things to keep me active.

With that I have decided to try out some of the new exercise trends. I have my old faithful boot camp and spin classes at the gym but for new classes here are my top choices:

CKO Kickboxing
In January I bought a Groupon for CKO Kickboxing classes. I didn’t start them until the beginning of March and I still haven’t finished them. Not because I don’t like them but because
1. the only classes I can go to are the 5:30am ones and I have been exhausted lately and
2. I didn’t want to hurt myself before Broad Street

Now that Broad Street is over I am going to try and finish up my remaining classes. Not sure if I will continue to go and pay since it is pretty pricey.

The next trend I want to check out is Crossfit. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program. The workouts are short but are more like bursts of activity and very intense. You do things like sprinting, rope climbing, carrying heavy objects, and lots of jumping. They are all combined to form WODs or Workout of the Days. The good thing is it is a competition against yourself. You just try and best yourself and push to the next level. We were actually watching the Crossfit games on TV over the weekend. Everyone is very fit but I don’t want to bulk up. I do want to improve my strength though. Crossfit is also pretty expensive and they insist you go almost everyday. They just opened a studio near my work so maybe I can get a special or at least a free trial class.

Bar Method
I have been hearing only good things about Bar Method. It integrates interval training with muscle shaping isometrics using dance principals. People say it tones and takes inches off your body. I was never really a dancer. I did tap and jazz as a kid, but not for very long. I am sure I would be fine but I would need to stretch more. I used to be flexible but I tend to neglect it a lot for lack of time at the gym. Classes aren’t horrible $26 a class, but I want to try it out first.

I am going to try and find places that offer free trial classes and see what I like best. Right now I do have 2 gym memberships so adding a 3rd just for specialized classes seems silly unless the classes are AMAZING. I wish LA Fitness had newer trend classes, but I am sure they would be packed if they did.

Know of any other classes I should look out for?


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