SELF Drop 10 Diet

So as I posted when I first started this blog, I have always had issues with my weight. Over the past fews years I have lost close to 80 pounds and started a healthy lifestyle of running and eating right. Running is tough, but definitely worth it. The problem with running long distances (which seems to by my thing) is that it is difficult to figure out what to eat. When you are training for half marathons and especially marathons, you run A LOT. Running 20 miles on a Sunday is draining, but the hard part is deciding how much food to eat after. I mean I just spent almost 4 hours running nonstop. Do I eat a salad or a cheeseburger?

I initially lost weight on Weight Watchers. I first started Weight Watchers in high school before our first family cruise. After dropping some weight (which I gained back on the cruise) I didn’t start using their system again until after college. Their original points plan was amazing. It worked great with my body and with running the pounds came off. Sadly their plan has changed to a Points+ system which I hate. I was hopeful at first. Veggies and fruits were all free so I would get to eat more, but my body was not having it. After almost 5 months trying to follow their plan I had gained 15 pounds. After that I started trying to alter their plan a little. I mean bananas were 2 points before but now they were free. Well bananas still have calories! I have been struggling to get the 15 pounds I gained off since January (post-marathon training) with no luck. I would do great during the week (pre-packed meals) but would fail on weekends eating out and drinking.

Luckily my sister now works for SELF magazine. She is in charge of the website and has gotten to do a lot of great, healthy things with her office. They recently started the SELF Drop 10 plan. Cheryl was skeptical to try it at first, but we both decided we needed a kickstart before summer so we jumped in.

You would think with the amount of food you eat every day there would be no way that you could loose weight, but somehow it works! I am down 8 pounds going into my 3rd week on the plan! The whole thing is based around super foods. Nothing really non-fat or fat-free. It’s all good for you fats in small quantities. They have a TON of recipes on their website to choose from so you never get bored. We have definitely found a few favorites we have made multiple times already. They also give you grab-and-go options which are great for weekends or when you don’t have time to cook. I mean for someone who isn’t a cook the recipes are not crazy complicated, but they do take time. Myself, my sister and my mom are all following it and have been doing great!

The other part of the plan is exercise. They give you strength and cardio workouts to help boost your weight loss. I don’t think I can do this diet FOREVER but it is definitely helpful for me to overcome my plateau.

Some of my favorite recipes are:
Banana Walnut Pancakes
Breakfast Club
Egg and Cheese Sandwich (Grab and Go)
Eggy Sausage Stack

Avocado and Roast Beef Sandwich
Chicken and Quinos Tossed Salad
Chicken Quesadilla
Lentil Soup with Cream Cheese Toast

Cheesy Garlic Toast
Lentil-Salsa Dip n’ Chips
Mediterranean Mix
Waffle Sticks with Maple Dip

Baked Beef Taquitos
Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos
Penne Margherita
Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Fennel and Apples
Smoky Paprika Chicken

I mean really it’s free to sign up and get all the recipes and exercises and I know that it works! You never feel hungry, which for me, is necessary. Why not try it? What have you got to loose!?


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