Instagramming April 2013

Another month has flown by. Luckily we are now getting into the warmest and best months of the year so no complaints here!

Here are some April highlights:
1. The month started off with birds! Our infamous work goose showed up squawking at people and protecting it’s nest. Then we had a turkey in our front yard. Who knew turkeys could fly!?!
2. As I previously mentioned, my cousin is pregnant! She is also obsessed with Disney and I found the cutest Disney outfits at Babies R’ Us
3. I tried the new Cool Ranch Dorito taco…delicious!
4. My cousins, along with becoming parents, just bought a house! Lots of renovations, painting and moving have occurred this month. I will have a post once everything is finished with a before/after
5. Andrew McMahon started touring solo playing both Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin music. He also just released a solo album which came out today!
6. Rented a mountain house with some friends and had a crazy fun weekend
7. As everyone knows, two brothers bombed the Boston Marathon. I wore my NYC Marathon shirt in solidarity and I will be wearing my Run for Boston shirt and red socks this weekend at the Broad Street 10 Miler in Philly
8. Spring FINALLY decided to show up! The weather has been back and forth but any step towards warmth is fine by me
9. I went to Miami on a business trip. 80 degree weather, beautiful scenery and not having to pay for any more it! We worked during the day and (kind of) partied at night. I got an awesome margarita/beer drink tower thing that was delicious. I also ran on the South Beach boardwalk which is officially my all time favorite run. It was beautiful and so serene.
10. I got a new work computer! It is awesome because of how fast it is, but really Apple. No CD drive? Now how am I going to watch my movies :(
11. I think Tricky Trays are a New Jersey thing. None of my sister’s NYC co-workers have any idea what it is. I go a lot with my Aunt. A Tricky Tray is where there are themed baskets. Your buy tickets and put them in a bucket for the basket then they pull a winning ticket and you win that basket. I won some kids toys (for my soon to be niece/nephew) and my Aunt won the $1650 50/50! It was a great night!
12. My Uncle and Aunt came to NJ for a wedding. My Uncle Bobby is awesome and worked for Miller. We go visit every summer. For his retirement this past year they made him his own beer! He has KUT tattooed on his arm (last name Kutney) so the label is a pun from that.

Can’t wait to see what May will bring! Hopefully a lot more warm weather. I have a lot already to look forward to as well! Baby showers, runs, a wedding in St. Louis. Bring it on!


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