I have really been MIA lately! Things have been quite busy around here. I honestly can’t believe it is the end of April!

The past month, whenever I had free time and on the weekends, I have been helping my cousins with their new house. I am happy to say painting is done and moving is this weekend! I am glad it made April go fast because next week also starts our half day fridays at work. One great thing about publishing is they have early fridays in the summer. Not all companies do it, but a lot do. I am not even sure why but I love it!

The last three days I was in Miami for work. I have taken to doing video and editing for my company. It started two years ago when they wanted to do interviews in Switzerland. They asked if I had experience with it or wanted to. Free trip to Switzerland? I of course said yes. Now I do videos every few weeks and get to go to trade shows as well. Most of the shows I go to are in the tri-state area. Luckily this one was in Miami and I got to go. I didn’t even go to tape I only went to edit. But again, free trip…who wouldn’t?

Miami was nice, but I didn’t really get to see too much of it. I flew down Monday morning on a packed flight. We had to go to the convention center to set up our booth. After that I had originally wanted to go running, seeing as I have a 10 miler in 10 days I need to get some training in! But of course everyone convinced me to get a drink down by the beach instead. I was up at 5am so I skipped my run. The beach was nice, but all I did was walk there and put my feet in the water. I had thought the water would be clearer than it is in NJ, but it was just the same.

We had a company dinner that night at a fancy tapas place. I am not a fan of tapas because I can never gauge how much I am actually eating! The food was good though, not worth the $$ we paid, but then again I didn’t have to pay.

The next day I had to be at the convention at 7am for interviews, even though the show didn’t start until 10. The camera guy had all these problems which made us start late which made my day longer. I had a granola bar for lunch and finally finished everything I was supposed to do around 4:30. I had thought the show ended at 5 but it ended at 6. I decided I had worked enough and headed back to the hotel so I could get a run in while it was still nice out. I googled places to run in South Beach and they said there was a wooden boardwalk. I walked there because I wasn’t sure where it was exactly.

That run was the prettiest run I have ever been on and even though it was 80 out I ran pretty fast! The wind was coming in off the beach so I didn’t get as hot as I would have on the road. I felt great after my run too.


That night we did a more relaxed dinner at an Irish type bar. Walking around I kept seeing this drink. It was a giant margarita glass with (I assumed) a margarita and two coronas in it. I was intrigued and decided to have one. It was delicious! It was $40 but everyone else had a few drinks in the time it took me to finish it so it evened out. After we went to a nighclub down the road. It was nice but I was with co-workers. It would have been more fun if I had my friends or my Art girls with me. We had a few beers there (and my coworkers had some cigars) and then I decided to call it a night since I had to be up early again.

I loved waking up to warm weather and beautiful scenery.

I did more editing on Wednesday and in the afternoon had to get a cab to the airport. I wish they had let me stay another day. I hate feeling rushed! I gave myself time to relax in the airport and my flight was delayed so I finished my book “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”. I thought I had read it before but nothing seemed familiar so I guess not. Now I need to rent the movie!

All in all a good (fast) trip. I even got the whole row to myself on the flight home! Now to try and play catch up at work and then moving my cousins this weekend. Time flies!


One thought on “Miami

  1. Loved this post! I read that book a few years back and remember liking it. Also…. HOW do the 2 beers not overflow out of the glass?? My brain no understand.


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