runDisney 2014!

I know I said that I was only going to be running all the Disney events in 2013, but I lied. Not intentionally, but a lie nonetheless.

The past few years you had the goofy challenge. You would run the 5K on Friday, half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday. You got a medal and shirt for each of the three races PLUS a special goofy medal. Now that we know how the Disney runs are Cheryl and I had contemplated doing the Goofy challenge next year. I meant don’t you think it’s fate that our season pass ENDS on the day of the full marathon in 2014?!?

Then a few weeks ago runDisney announced a new challenge to their 2014 marathon weekend. THE DOPEY CHALLENGE!

2014 Dopey Challenge

This year the marathon weekend will start on Thursday with the 5K. They are now adding a 10K on Friday followed by the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. Completing all 4 races is the Dopey Challenge. And we are definitely Dopey for running 50 miles in 4 days!

I am actually pretty excited. New costumes to think up! I am contemplating adding a new piece to my costume every race and having my full costume on Sunday, but that might be smelly running in it everyday so not sure. The registration only opened today at noon and the Dopey Challenge is already at 70% full! They did reduce the number of runners allowed in the full and half by 2,000 since people complained of congestion last year so if you want to run with us sign up soon!

Now let’s see if I wasn’t considered Disney obsessed before I guess now I can be. I was there in January and February and I will be back down again in October, November, December and January! Everything in the new Fantasyland better all be open by the time I am done there!

Disney announces Dopey Challenge


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