Renovations – Wallpaper Removal

Wow this week has flown by! Definitely not complaining but I didn’t have much time for posts.

So I am going to be an aunt soon! My cousin Danny is pretty much my brother. We are a year and six months apart and we grew up together. When he got engaged he told his now wife Jen that his sisters had to be bridesmaids (cute I know). Anyway my new cousin Jen is pregnant and expecting in early July! They already told us when they announced they were pregnant that the baby will be calling us aunt :)

So on top of getting married in May of last year they are now pregnant AND just bought a house! As the DIY fix-er-upper Cheryl and I are, it was known that we would be helping fix the house up. Sadly I will be helping on Tuesday and Thursday evenings since I don’t have my second job those nights, but that meant I had to suspend my carpooling with Laura :( I think she understands though.

Last night I finally got to see the new place. Very cute but outdated and Jen has A LOT of things she wants to do before the baby gets here. I am hoping we get everything done in a month, but mostly right now we are focusing on removing all the hideous wallpaper and painting.

The baby’s room was god awful in the wallpaper department.

Plaid!? Seriously?!! And to top it off they didn’t apply it properly. You are supposed to paint the sheetrock or drywall when it goes up first and then apply the wallpaper. These idiots applied it straight to the sheetrock so it was annoying to remove. We had to use DIY and a heat gun.

I showed my cousin Danny how to get started and then I stood back and watched him destroy the wallpaper. It was pretty awesome and he got some aggression out haha.

I didn’t give him a ladder so he went as high as he could. Tonight I am going to finish up the excess random pieces and start working on the wallpaper other places in the house.

I can’t wait to see the finished product! It’s not my house but I love remodeling so this is going to be a fun project that I don’t have to spend $$ on!


One thought on “Renovations – Wallpaper Removal

  1. Of course I understand!! WHO wants an entirely plaid room?! Yikes. Great job though! Might wanna think about putting paper down on the floors; they look like they are in nice shape?


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