Throwback Thursday – Hippity Hop

So this weekend is Easter. That snuck up on us pretty fast!

This Throwback Thursday is all about this spring holiday. Easter when I was little was dedicated to baskets full of candy and toys, easter egg hunts and Cheryl and I being dressed alike. Easter itself is a Christian holiday about the resurrection of Christ. My grandmother was a very dedicated Catholic so we always went to church on Easter. After that we would have an egg hunt.

My family grows in stages. My older aunt and uncle had their kids all at the same time. They were teenagers when my mom and my other aunt and uncle had all their kids. That meant that my mom had babysitters in the form of my older cousins. And of course when they started having kids Cheryl and I became the official babysitters. It is a pretty good dynamic and has become a revolving cycle. On holidays, when my family wasn’t so large or far apart, we used to all get together.

That’s my cousin helping me find Easter eggs. Cheryl and I had the same dress in different colors on of course.

As we got older and our family started expanding we started having less people at Easter but of course kept the adorable matching outfits.Oh the 80’s and 90’s haha.

And what would Easter be without a picture with a creepy Easter bunny!

Happy Thursday and have a great weekend!


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