Avocado, Mozzarella and Bruschetta Chicken

So I originally found this recipe on my absolute favorite recipe blog Iowa Girl Eats. I seriously pin almost all her recipes. I don’t know how she can make such amazing looking food almost every day! I did a few things different in my recipe, but it tasted amazing. I mean who doesn’t love tomatoes and avocado for dinner.

Now I still live at home and I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t do my own food shopping. It’s not that I can’t or don’t want to it’s just that my mom has a system. When she goes food shopping it is a process and most of the time she gets annoyed when I go because I tend to not follow her system. So I usually just give her a list of ingredients we need for recipes and other daily essentials. A lot of times though when I give her my list she says things like “oh we have that”. Which brings me to my balsamic. I am pretty sure this stuff has been in our cabinet since we moved into the house 10 years ago, but it tasted fine and no one felt sick.

I put the balsamic on the stove  to boil.

What the instructions said was that once I brought it to a boil I should let it simmer to thicken. Well that didn’t happen. I will blame it either on the age of the balsamic or my lack of patience. What I got was hot balsamic the same conisitency I started with.

So at this point I decided to improvise. I also am not a fan of frying chicken on the stovetop with oil. Not sure why I just like it better baked. So first I put my chicken in a baking dish with the olive oil coating it.

Halfway through cooking I poured the balsamic into the pan with the chicken to keep it moist and because this balsamic was in no way going to be a reduction on it at the end. I even think it started to burn a little when I was cooking it.

My mom insisted we had shredded mozzarella cheese at home, but of course we didn’t. We did have regular mozzarella, but with Weight Watchers I don’t want to bump up the points anymore than I have to. So instead this time I cut up a piece of string cheese I had.

Next I prepared the avocado. First you cut it in half down the middle. You have to cut around the core.

Next you use a knife to pop out the core and then use a spoon to scoop the avocado out of the shell.

Last I cut it up into slices.

Avocado, Mozzarella and Bruschetta Chicken

Once the chicken was almost done I added the bruschetta and cheese to it and put it back in the oven. The original recipe had the cheese over the avocado, but I am not a fan of warm avocado really.

Once the cheese was melted I took it out of the oven. The string cheese didn’t melt great, but it was gooey so it worked.

Then I plated it and topped it off with my slices of avocado.

Avocado, Mozzarella and Bruschetta Chicken

Serves 3 | 10 Points+

1 cup balsamic vinegar
3 (4 oz. each) chicken breasts, pounded to an even thickness
1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
Salt & Pepper
6 tbsp. cup pre-made bruschetta topping
1 avocado, sliced
2 oz. fat-free shredded mozzarella cheese

Pour balsamic vinegar into a small saucepan then bring to a boil. Turn heat down to medium then simmer and reduce until vinegar is thick enough to coat a spoon, about 20 minutes. (Vinegar will continue to thicken while cooling.) Set aside to cool.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Brush chicken breasts with extra virgin olive oil then season with salt and pepper on both sides. Place chicken in baking dish and bake in oven 25-30 minutes or until no longer pink in the center.

Remove from oven then top with 2 Tablespoons bruschetta mixture and sprinkle each with mozzarella. Bake again until cheese has melted. Top with avocado then drizzle with the balsamic vinegar reduction.

Tada! a delicious dinner paired with veggies. I loved the creamy avocado on top and the chicken itself was infused with the balsamic flavor since I baked it in the sauce.

I also have decided to start writing these recipes down. I mean I have them written down in Word, but I decided to fancy them up on these new recipe cards. I can’t wait to continue adding to my recipes!

What do you do to keep your recipes organized?


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