A spot of tea

While carpooling to work this morning with my co-worker Laura we got on the subject of tea. How we like it a lot, but really don’t drink it that often. I mentioned to her this product that I pinned a few days ago, because well it is just so adorable.

Mr. Tea Infuser

It got me thinking of all the different types of tea that is out there and really what the difference is between all of them.

I have always enjoyed tea. My grandmother was born in England and was very British, even living in the US most of her life. She loved her tea. I drank it the same way she did. Black…just tea. A lot of people add milk and sugar and such but I like the natural taste of tea. I can’t even drink iced tea if it is sweetened. My favorite drink when we went to England in 2011 was tea. I loved that everywhere you ordered it they gave it to you in your own teapot!

It is not exactly known where tea originated, but it is assumed it was in China during the Shang Dynasty. It became popular in Britain during the 17th century. It takes 4-12 years for a tea plant to bear seeds and another 3 years before a new plant is ready for harvesting! The plants also need a warmer climate and a lot of rain. A lot of high quality teas are cultivated at very high altitudes.

Teas are put into categories based on how they are processed. White, yellow, green, oolong, black and red. The most common are white, green, oolong and black. Laura likes oolong (traditionally you get at Chinese/Japanese restaurants). I am a fan of black or green tea but I will really drink any kind. They also used additives to make different kinds of herbal teas and flavored teas. I have tried some before. The passion tea (unsweetened) at Starbucks is my go-to summertime drink.

Teas are known to be good for you. They contain catechins, a type of antioxidant. They are highest in white and green teas. Tea also has caffeine, about 30-90 mg per 8 oz. cup. The traditional way to make tea is to put loose leaves in a infuser and pouring hot water directly over the leaves. I usually use a tea bag, but I want to look into infusers and tea leaves. I think it will taste better.

A lot of stores are popping up now devoted to just tea. Places like Teavana and the Republic of Tea.They sell everything from infusers to teapots to loose tea and tea bags. I keep walking into these stores in the mall looking for the perfect teapot. Sadly I couldn’t even find one in England that I liked enough to buy.

My problem is I am waiting for the perfect tea set, a Beauty and the Beast inspired tea set. Sadly they only make plastic versions for kids and none of the real kind. The last two times I have been to Disney I have made a suggestion at guest relations. I mean really they make a whole new Fantasyland complete with Belle’s village and the Be Our Guest restaurant and they never once thought to make a kick ass tea set and sell it! The closest thing I can find on ebay is this one from Tokyo Disneyland so I know it’s something doable, but I want to buy it at the park. I think it was something they originally did make but got rid of it. This is all I want!

Beauty and the Beast Tea Set

Disney get your shit together so I can enjoy some awesome tea!!!


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