Motivation Monday – Portfolio

FINALLY! That is all I can say about today’s post.

I am a graphic designer and ALL of my work is done on the computer. I work for a magazine publishing company so every month the magazines I design are kind of a portfolio. Yet they really don’t showcase me or my broad range of work. I have been getting a lot of requests for freelance work lately and I felt so dumb having to email jpegs of past designs.

In college we had to make a portfolio of all our college work. It was our senior project. And though I really liked mine it was done completely in Flash. Why is this a problem? Apple. iPhones, iPads and the like are not Flash friendly so my website would only be viewable to people on computers and also people with updated flash plug-ins. Major hassle. I was so good at web designing in college, but once I stopped it was hard to re-learn the basics plus figure out all the new stuff. Luckily my awesome sister Cheryl went into web design and is a guru. I designed my portfolio in Photoshop and she brought it to life. I have re-designed this thing about 5-7 times, always thinking it needed something different. Fianlly Cheryl told me to stop nit-picking so she could actually help me code it and voila! Jessi Carlin Design is now up and running!

Jessi Carlin Design

There are still a few kinks to work out but I actually bought a domain and Cheryl got this thing working! Up next, the redesign of this blog!


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