Throwback Thursday – Shipping up to Boston

So this installment of Throw Back Thursday is all about St. Patrick’s Day! I mean it is this weekend. Now that’s not to say I haven’t been celebrating already (these past two weekends were a whirlwind) but I still need to have a shout-out to the booziest holiday there is!

My most memorable St. Patrick’s Day was 2011. I really don’t remember the reason we went there but we went to Boston for the weekend BEFORE the holiday. We brought green so I guess we assumed there would be celebrating happening. Anyway we got all dressed up and went on the search of a good ole’ Irish pub.

What we stumbled upon was a HUGE bar crawl happening. We were unaware of the situation at first. We just saw groups of people going to all different bars downtown. We headed into one that looked promising Kitty O’Shea’s. Once inside we realized we were crashing an intense multi-bar bar crawl. Everyone around us had wristbands on. We found out later they were to get awesome beer specials. BUT the good thing about St. Patrick’s Day is it’s in March and March is cold. We all had long sleeves on and the bar was so packed the bartenders could care less about checking for wristbands. So we got to enjoy specials while NOT paying the $30 for the wristband!

Needless to say we started getting pretty drunk.

I really don’t know if we had those hats or bought them or stole them…my memory is going.

So we kept moving around from bar to bar, following the bar crawl participants. We ended up at another bar in the area (again no clue which one) and settled in for the day.

More bar specials were had and we even grabbed some food. Eventually the beer started catching up with us…


Fun was had by all and I am pretty sure we made it to ALMOST closing. I love me some Irish pride. Now this weekend ends my 3 weeks of celebrating. Wonder how it will go…

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