2 Million? That’s nothing…

I am sitting here still giddy since yesterday!

So as you may remember last week I posted about my all-time favorite show Veronica Mars and how they want to make a movie. Kristen Bell threw out this:

Veronica Mars Movie!

Well yesterday morning I was perusing my twitter feed when I see this from Entertainment Weekly:

Entertainment Weekly Twitter

The cast of Veronica Mars put together a little video at the end that is a must watch. Logan’s smoldering look :) Anyway I checked out this Kickstarter thing to see what it was all about because really to get a Veronica Mars movie made I was willing to help out!

So Warner Brothers told the creator of the show Rob Thomas (no not that one the TV one) that if they would raise 2 million dollars and get a fan following (obviously) then they would back the movie. Kickstarter entices people to “back” a project. You pledge money for incentives and if they reach their goal by a certain date you get charged what you pledged and they must follow through with the incentives.

Cheryl and I were all over this as soon as we heard. Within the first hour they have 200,000 pledged. Scrolling through the pledge options we came across one we knew we had to do. It was a steep price of $1,000 and they only had 100 available but this is what you got:
– Two tickets to the red carpet Veronica Mars movie premiere in Los Angeles attended by the cast and creators
– Plus two tickets to the exclusive after-party also attended by the cast and creators
– The signed movie poster
– The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack
– The digital version of the movie
– The T-shirt
– A pdf of the shooting script

Wait was I reading this right? TWO tickets to the LA premiere of the movie AND TWO tickets to the VIP CAST AFTER-PARTY!?! So Cheryl and I decided to treat our nerdy selves and pledged and would split it $500 each. And now all we had to do was wait to see if they would hit their goal by April 15th.

About 2 hours into the campaign Kristen Bell was over the moon with the response.

Veronica Mars Movie!


Kristen Bell is HAPPY{Source}

And after just 4 hours after it started…1 million dollars was reached

Veronica Mars Movie!

And at 9:00 last night…

Veronica Mars Movie!

Which sent Cheryl and I into a happy dance because WE ARE GOING TO MEET THE CAST OF VERONICA MARS!!

So this summer the cast of Veronica mars will be reuniting to bring us the Veronica Mars movie and in January-ish next year Cheryl and I will be hopping a plane to LA. Seriously best $500 I have ever spent! AND you can still donate. Extra money will give them more to work with and you get incentives when you donate so if you love VM as much as I do…DONATE!!

Kristen summed yesterday up pretty well…

Veronica Mars Movie!


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