What a running year

It’s official! I am all signed up for my 4th and final Disney run of 2013 the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

I really enjoyed the two runDisney races I already completed so far.

The Disney World Marathon

Walt Disney World Marathon 2013


Walt Disney World Marathon 2013 Medal{Source}


Disney Marathon

The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Princess Half Marathon


Princess Half Marathon Medal{Source}

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013


The next run isn’t until October. It is the Tower of Terror 10 miler. I am so excited especially because Tower of Terror is my favorite ride. I am also interested to run at night. I never really do evening runs because I am always so tired by the end of the day, so this should be interesting. I also am wondering how long I will be able to keep myself awake at the after party! I think I am going to dress as the Queen of Hearts.

Tower of Terror 10 Miler{Source | Source}

Finally the last run of the year is the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. The Tower of Terror 10 miler will be a pre-cursor for me to see how I cope with the late running. Hopefully I will be ready for the Wine and Dine because I hear the after party is the best. They leave Epcot and some rides open so you can enjoy all the food and drinks post race. With a 4am end time it will be one hell of a party!

Wine and Dine Half Marathon{Source | Source}

This year of Disney running has been so much fun. It’s sad I have to wait until October to run there again, but I guess Florida in summer would be wayy to hot for a run! For everyone out there that thinks they can’t run a half marathon look at it this way. Disney is the best for first-timers. With the crowds and the multiple character stop opportunities there is no reason to not try!


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