A Long Time Ago…

So in high school a new show started called Veronica Mars. I was hooked instantly. The show ended in 2007 and I have all the box sets on DVD for when I feel like a mini marathon. UNTIL YESTERDAY. I follow Kristen Bell on twitter and she tweeted this

Veronica Mars Movie!

WHAT!?! A Veronica Mars movie!?! My dream would come true! I thought maybe she was just kidding but then I found this article. PLEASE Warner Bros. let it happen!

For those of you who never watched the show and are wondering why I am freaking out about this you really need to watch it. I started trying to write a synopsis of the show, but there are so many things that happen and back stories it is so difficult. I will try and just throw out the highlights (and if you want to watch the show stop reading there will be spoilers).

Veronica Mars Season 1{Source}

There are a lot of mysteries and cases to solve in Veronica Mars. And even though there were only 3 seasons they were crammed full of twists and turns. Back story is Veronica (played by Kristen Bell) used to dated Duncan Kane (played by Teddy Dunn). Her best friend is Duncan’s sister Lilly Kane (played by Amanda Seyfried) but she is murdered and they don’t know who did it. Veronica’s dad Keith Mars (played by Enrico Colantoni) gets ousted as sheriff after accusing Lilly and Duncan’s father of being involved in the murder. Veronica’s friends are Wallace (played by Percy Daggs III) a Neptune High basketball star, Mac (played by Tina Majorino) a computer genius, and Weevil (played by Francis Capra) the PCH bike gang leader. Veronica also winds up dating on and off Duncan’s best friend Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring). Here are the big cases she solved:

Lilly Kane’s Death
Veronica’s best friend Lilly Kane is murdered. Veronica’s life mission is to find the real killer. She finds out it is not the man arrested originally and frees him. Duncan’s parents thought it was him because he suffers from blackouts and he was found with Lilly’s body. They helped hid evidence because they didn’t want Duncan to be in trouble (so Keith was right they were involved). Later on Veronica discovers Lilly was having an affair with Logan Echolls’ father Aaron (played by Harry Hamlin). Logan’s mother commits suicide because of her husband’s infidelity. Later after Veronica discovers tapes of Lilly and Aaron she realizes Aaron is the killer. After a very intense attempt at Aaron to get the tapes back (fire and murder involved) he is arrested. Unfortunately the tapes disappear and because of insufficient evidence he is released. The Kane family is distraught and in season 3 Aaron is killed by their old bodyguard for revenge, but no one cares since they all know he is a murderer.

The School Bus Crash
The beginning of season two starts with a bus on a class trip plummeting off a cliff. The ’09ers had all taken a limo and Veronica had been left at the gas station. Everyone else on the bus was killed except for Meg, Duncan’s ex-girlfriend. Originally they think the bus driver had something to do with it, but it is later discovered there was a bomb on the bus. Veronica makes it her mission to discover who killed everyone. One day when visiting Meg in the hospital she discovers she is in a coma and pregnant. The baby is Duncan’s. At this point Veronica and Duncan are back together, but Meg’s parents are abusive so Veronica helps Duncan kidnap his daughter and leave the country. Thus finally ending their relationship. After Veronica goes through a bunch of suspects it is finally discovered that the person who planted the bomb was Beaver. He had been raped as a child by the baseball player they had gone to see on the bus trip along with two other kids that were on the bus. Those two kids wanted to come forward and Beaver didn’t want them to so he blew up the bus. At the time of his confession Veronica’s dad was with the baseball player who they had captured, flying him back for trial. Beaver then blew up the plane. Luckily Keith wasn’t actually on the plane.

Veronica Getting Raped
After Lilly’s death Veronica doesn’t let everyone hating on her stop her. She goes to a party with all the rich kids (called ’09ers) and is drugged and raped. When she tells the new sheriff he doesn’t believe her. While solving cases for friends she keeps discovering new evidence about the party. She finds out she has clymidia and realizes she must have gotten it from whoever she was with that night. She finds out Logan has the drugs. She was given a drugged cup by Dick Casablancas’ (played by Ryan Hansen) girlfriend at the time because she didn’t like Veronica. Later that night they leave the drugged Veronica in a room with Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas (played by Kyle Gallner) so he can loose his virginity. He insists he left Veronica there and never touched her. Duncan admits that he slept with Veronica (consensually) but didn’t want to tell her because he thought they were half-siblings (Veronica’s mom had an affair with Duncan’s dad) but when they find out Keith is Veronica’s real father he tells her the truth. Veronica still does not know how she got clymidia until Beaver reveals what happened with the bus and he says he did sleep with her before Duncan.

Season 3
The final season of Veronica Mars followed Veronica to local Hurst College. It is always hard for shows to transition from high school to college. They had a bunch of cases. Logan and Veronica are dating again and Keith becomes sheriff again. They introduced some new characters as well as a new love interest for Veronica, but for some reason the season didn’t get the ratings it had previously had. The network UPN was no longer and the show was now running on the CW. The biggest cases were the serial rapist on campus (done by Logan’s new friend Moe) and who killed the Dean (his TA Tim Foyle). The season ended with Veronica discovering that the people behind a sex tape were linked to Jake Kane. I really wished they had continued the show. They tried to make a new season with Veronica working as an intern for the FBI but Warner Bros. didn’t want it.


Kristen Bell{Source}

Veronica Mars was the most bad-ass girl on TV. To this day Kristen Bell is still my favorite actress. Especially now dating Dax Shepard and this awesome sloth reaction. She is pregnant now and I think she will be an amazing mom!

Veronica and Logan{Source}

To this day Veronica and Logan’s relationship is my favorite dysfunctional relationship on TV.

Sorry for the ramblings. I have been writing this post for two hours trying to figure out how to fit all the crazy awesome stuff in this show into a few paragraphs. I still don’t think I did it justice. If you have never seen the show you need to ASAP.


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