Motivation Monday – Freelance!

I love freelance work. It helps me be creative since my work at my job is usually the same over and over again. Freelance helps me think outside the box and try new things.

Luckily I had a crazy amount of freelance work come in last week. My mom’s co-worker’s daughter asked me to design a bridal shower invitation for her friend a few months ago. From that her friends have also contacted me for invitations. I have done about 10 now. I always design on typography one which I love, but it hasn’t really caught on yet so no one ever picks it. That is the one this about giving people options. They always choose your least favorite one, but I always make sure I love all of them first so even my least favorite is still good.

I did a shower invitation a few weeks ago. The girl (a friend of co-worker’s daughter) wanted to get matching thank you cards so I put the invite and thank you’s together so you can see.

Now my mom’s co-worker’s friend is having a baby so she wanted a baby shower invitation. Her parameters were giraffes (not jungle animals just giraffes) and the color purple. Can you think which one was my favorite?

They wound up going with number 1.

I also was asked by my best friends sister to make her wedding invitations. I have only done one wedding suite which I LOVE how it came out. It is hard to get people to trust you to do their wedding invites since it is such a big part of the wedding/theme. My friend’s sister is marrying a guy from England so she wanted something passport/map themed that would tie their two locations together. Originally she wanted a square design so I sent her these.

She realized later though that she has bought a Groupon for a website that didn’t offer square prints. I went through and found the closest size to a square for her. She also loved the second design but wanted to change the quote to one of her favorite lines from a song. I had originally done the “love is all you need” since it’s the Beatles and they are from England…you get it. Here is what I came up with. Right now she is deciding between the two invite designs but I love they way both of them look.

This is why I love finding and downloading free fonts. So many styles to choose from! I am now in the process of making my cousin’s baby shower invite. I can’t wait because we are planning her shower so there will be a big post there with the theme and decorations and such.


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