Eating at Disney

So many Disney posts this week! Still wishing I was there is probably the reason.

I subscribe to a few Disney food blogs and a bunch of other general Disney blogs. A lot of times people review restaurants at the park they have tried. I have been to a few, but this trip I decided to just mention the places I ate on my last trip.

Captain's Grille{Source}

I mentioned in my Disney Princess Half Marathon recap that the night before the run we ate at Captain’s Grille. Located at the Disney Yacht Club Resort the walk to the restaurant along the boardwalk was nice. We were a few minutes late for our reservation and even though we had a reservation we still had to wait about 15 minutes for a table to be ready. The menu selection was limited but I expected that. I finally decided on the New England Clam Chowder soup appetizer and the crab cakes for my meal. I also got a Sam Adam’s beer flight to drink. The soup came out pretty fast and was good (not AMAZING but good). Then after that we waited for our meal, and waited, and waited. FINALLY our food came out and the servers kept getting our orders mixed up, but eventually we all got our food. The crab cakes were small but filling and the sauce was delicious. We opted out of dessert because the meal took so long and we were running a half marathon the next day! Overall the food was good but the service could be improved. We got to the restaurant at 6:45 (we had a 6:30 reservation) and didn’t leave until 9! Two hours for dinner was a little too long for me.

Cap' N Jack's{Source}

The next night we decided to eat at Downtown Disney since some of my friends had only gotten one day park tickets for the pervious day. We decided on (seafood again) Cap’ N Jack’s Restaurant. We made a 7 reservation, but the busses were only stopping at the Pleasure Island bus stop so everyone was late since we had to run across to the marketplace. Finally once everyone was there we waited another 10 minutes to be seated. I decided on New England Clam Chowder soup again and salmon for dinner. I also got a Fuzzy Captain drink which was delicious. The soup was a little better than the pervious days and the salmon was delicious I devoured it. The restaurant was nice we had a seat by a window by the water and the service was good as well. I liked this place it also seemed very popular they were saying an hour wait so I was glad we had made a reservation.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor{Source}

The next stop is a staple of our Disney trips. We were first introduced to Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom last April when we went for my cousin’s bachelorette party. We were in heaven when we first tried the cookie ice cream sandwich. Two giant chocolate chip cookies with your favorite ice cream in the middle. The first experience was epic because the flavor of the day was peanut butter. We have made sure to go every trip since and it is Cheryl’s favorite in Disney. Last trip for the marathon we went 3 times! So needless to say we had to make a stop here. However the journey was a pain in the ass.

As some people know you cannot get a bus from Downtown Disney to a park (not sure if it has always been like that or not) but you can go to all the Disney hotels. So after dinner in Downtown Disney we headed to the bus for the Contemporary which is the closest hotel in walking distance of the Magic Kingdom. Luckily they had extra magic hours so the park was open until 11. We got to the gates around 10:00 and Cheryl RACED to the ice cream parlor. She was relieved to see they still had the cookie sandwich signs up (meaning there were still cookies left) and got in line. Once she got to the front to order however the girl says to her “sorry I think that was the last of the cookies” meaning the guy in front of her got the last ones. Then chaos ensued! Cheryl threw down her wallet in anger and started yelling “but I have been waiting all day for this I just ran a half marathon!” The girl had no idea what to do so she yells to the back ” are you sure we have no cookies, someone here REALLY wants some so make sure” and then tells Cheryl “maybe next time come a little earlier.” Not the best to make the mad madder but then the skies opened and they yelled from the back “WE HAVE MORE COOKIES” and our trip was saved!

Cheryl was all smiles after she got her cookie sandwich :) I had the All American Sundae with peanut butter and hot fudge sauce over cookies and cream ice cream. DELICIOUS!

Kona Cafe{Source}

And finally as I mentioned in the beginning of the week we had breakfast at the Kona Cafe. I originally saw Food. Fitness. Fantasy post a review and decided I needed to try! So Monday morning Cheryl and I woke up early, went to Animal Kingdom’s extra magic hours and then hopped a bus to the Polynesian Resort to eat at Kona Cafe. I had read about the Tonga Toast which was supposed to be amazing so I decided on that. Cheryl wanted to get something different and decided on the Big Kahuna. It was only a dollar more than other options but you got so much food!

I must say we devoured it all. I realized halfway through my delicious Tonga Toast that I forgot to add the strawberry sauce! But no worries I made up for it at the end.

Can you tell I liked it?

Cheryl approves! A great way to end our very fun, but very short vacation.

Any other Disney restaurants I need to try on my next trip?


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