Instagramming February 2013

Wow where has this month gone! I feel like it was just recently I did my first Instagramming post. Now my first post was a collection of all the Instagram pictures I had ever taken. A few pop up again this month because I had done the grid a few days into February. Click on the image to view larger.

So let’s see…February highlights!
1. My Birthday, oh and Cheryl too ;) Lots of celebrations in Hoboken, at work and in Philly!
2. Superbowl parties
3. Liquid lunch with my awesome work girls
4. Road trips
5. Snow storm and being snowed in at home
6. Mumford & Sons
7. Valentine’s Day <3
8. New Disney stuff
9. More work parties
10. New bowling high of 168!
11. Acting like a paparazzi at Ivanka Trump’s perfume launch
12. Disney Princess Half Marathon, warm weather, family time, TIGGER, zebras and just a lot of happiness to end the month

Can’t wait to see what March has in store. Saturday starts the beginning of my month long St. Patty’s Day festivities. A lot of green, booze and fun :)


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