Costume Design

So as I posted yesterday I just got back from Disney World after running the Princess Half Marathon.

In January Cheryl and I ran the Disney Marathon dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Disney Marathon 2013

We were so glad we dressed up because really the people that don’t dress up are the wierdos. Some of the costumes I saw in January were so inspiring. I sewed the collars and bows for our costumes by hand. So when we were thinking about our next costumes we decided to splurge and got a sewing machine. We had an old one but it got water logged in our last basement flood so we needed an upgrade. I was so glad we got one because it made the costume making so much easier and has me wanting to do a lot more projects!

Cheryl had decided she wanted to be different and be Princess Jasmine. I decided to be Snow White after my friend decided on Belle. We got our skirts from Team Sparkle and our shirts from a sporting goods store.

We got all our materials at Joann Fabrics and set to work.

Cheryl made her costume first. She originally was going to just wear a sports bra, but decided she wanted to make a cool top. She started by cutting the middle off her tank top.

Then she sewed a hem on the top. After that I sewed the sheer fabric to the top by hand, just because it was easier and I didn’t want her to have a second seam.

Cheryl then used the sparkle fabric (just like our skirts) to make sleeves and a really awesome headband. Cheryl also found a cute tiger stuffed animal online she bought to be Raja and some awesome jewelry to complete her outfit.

I didn’t document all the steps making my costume, but I think I did an awesome job. I first made my t-shirt into a tank top with the help of my handy sewing machine. I also made it shorter I think it was a guys shirt. After that I used my red and blue sheer fabric and my sparkle red fabric.

I cut the sheer red and blue fabric into strips. I also had some white fabric left over from our tweedle costume I used to make arm straps. I attached the sheer fabric to the arm straps and also to the tank top to make Snow White’s poofy sleeves. I then used the sparkle fabric as a cape that I attached to the back. I reused the Tweedle collars by putting pipe cleaner around the edge to make my collar. It was flimsy at first so I got fabric stiffener at the store which really helped it. I had found a bird stuffed animal that sang when you pressed it so I attached elastic to it so it would be easier to carry. I also couldn’t find a red bow headband so I got a red bow clip online and sewed it onto a red headband.

So here is Cheryl as Princess Jasmine.

And me as Snow White.

I think we did a pretty good job!

Now it’s time to start thinking up our next costumes for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler! What villain should I be? I was thinking the Queen of Hearts and Cheryl might be Cruella De Vil. Any other suggestions?


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