runDisney – Princess Half Marathon

Today is very difficult to get through. It is my first day back at work post Princess Half Marathon. I am tired and cold, but the trip was definitely worth it!

On Saturday morning (aka 3am) Cheryl and I woke up to get our 6am flight to Orlando. We had booked it wayyy to far in advance. At the time the flight was cheap compared to other options, but we realized later we should have waited. We had a connecting flight in Atlanta and the weather was iffy but the flights were just fine. We arrived in Orlando around 11:30 and the weather was a fabulous 80 degrees. This was a very busy weekend in Disney and the Magical Express busses were packed. We didn’t get to our hotel (Art of Animation) until around 1. When we got there our room was ready (yay online check-in) and we headed to the expo.

The expo for the marathon was at the Wide World of Sports, but this expo was at the Coronado Springs Convention Center. I have to admit I hated it. The whole set up was asinine. When you walked in there was a place for number pick up. You then had to go to the complete opposite side of the room (which in the middle were the expo booths) to get your bag with your shirt and such. I guess their idea was to have people walk through the expo and at the end get their bag, but who wants to walk through and expo and hold everything?!? Not me! So I went straight through to get my bag. Also on the opposite side was the official race merchandise. Once again going the day before the race was a mess. The line to get the merchandise was crazy long and then once inside there wasn’t much to choose from. I got sad seeing all the shirts in the park the following days that were no longer available. I also decided I am going early from now on to alleviate this problem!

Once we pushed our way through the expo and outside it was 4! I had dinner plans with some family that came down and originally we were going to meet them in the park but it being 4 and the reservations at 6:30 we decided just to go change and meet them at their hotel. We ate at Captain’s Grille in the Yacht Club. It was good but the service sucked. Not sure if the girl was new or what but dinner took 2 hours! After we had to rush back to get some sleep before race time.

Sunday morning at 3am we all got up to get ready. Cheryl and I went down with 3 of our friends and we all chose a different princess to dress up as. I was very proud of my costume. I had been working on it since the marathon in January. I will be doing a future blog post about my new sewing skills!

I was Snow White, Cheryl was Jasmine, Jacqui was Ariel, Michelle was Belle and Cindy was Cinderella. I really loved how all our costumes came out and we couldn’t have made them look so cute without our Team Sparkle skirts!

Cheryl and I also found awesome props for our costume. I found a stuffed bird that sang when you squeezed it. I added elastic and wore it on my wrist. I saw another Snow White running with an apple which was also genius! Cheryl got a little stuffed tiger for Raja.

The run itself was very congested. Getting into the runner area they had these huge “glass” walls to pose in front of. Problem was people posing stopped which made the line to get in massive. Once inside we went to bag check and then to the start. We started in corral B with our friend Cindy. We had about a half hour to wait around and practice our posing.

Once the race started it was very congested. The first character stop was the “heros” and the line was pretty long. I think we waited there about 10 minutes. After that the next stop was for the “villains” and that line was even longer. I want to say 15 minutes? You be the judge. The end picture though was awesome!

By the time we got into the Magic Kingdom the sun was already up. Luckily, unlike last race, it was overcast so we didn’t have the hot sun beating down on us along with the humidity. Cheryl and I stopped for almost every character. Once we realized how long the lines were and added it up we knew we couldn’t stop for all so we had to pick and choose. I felt good the whole race. The only annoying part was at mile 9 when they gave us gu there was no water. How are you supposed to eat a mushy paste and not have water to drink after? Here are the character highlights!

Other than that the only other sad part was there was no Snow White or Jasmine on the course. I didn’t understand how for a princess race they didn’t have all the princesses, but we did notice a few at the finish line while waiting for the bus but we didn’t feel like hanging around.

I am so glad we ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon. The medals are quite amazing and sparkly!

After the run we went back to the hotel (our bus line was redic) and showered and ate at the cafeteria. My one problem with running is I always feel like I can eat whatever I want after. If only! I tried not to go too overboard but I definitely need to hit the gym again this week. Next we headed to the parks with our friend Cindy (our other friends went the day before and wanted to relax after the run). We found Micky in Magic Kingdom and got a few photos.

The day was mostly rainy and cloudy but I didn’t mind. We got some drinks in Epcot and ate at Cap’n Jack’s in Downtown Disney. Pretty good food but not the best place to go when you have limited park time. The busses back to Magic Kingdom (aka Contemporary and walk) took a while. Luckily Cheryl got her cookie ice cream sandwich on Main Street and we got to a few more rides before we needed to go back and pass out. I also got to see my main squeeze :)

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom early to hit up the safari. Followed by an amazing breakfast at Kona Cafe thanks to Food.Fitness.Fantasy‘s amazing review I had to try the Tonga Toast! (blog post about that later). Sadly we had to leave Monday so we ended the day meeting up with more family at our hotel for lunch before we left.

The trip was great, but definitely too short. Makes me sad to think the next time I will be in Disney won’t be until October for the Tower of Terror 10 miler. But then again who am I to complain! I have been to Disney twice already and it’s only February!

And because it’s my favorite quote and I just took this new picture on Monday I am also making this my Motivation Monday. More Disney posts to come!


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