Run like a princess

Today is the longest day ever! Why you ask? Well because tomorrow I leave for Disney to run the Princess Half Marathon. I am so excited for my second Disney race of 2013! I packed a bunch of stuff last night, but I need to finish later. I also packed appropriately this time. In January for the Marathon I packed dumb things like pants and sweaters. Who needs that when it is 80 degrees in Florida! I am sitting at my desk right now dreaming about it….

So last run Cheryl and I dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for the marathon.

For the princess run not only are Cheryl and I running, but also 3 of our friends. We all decided to be Disney princesses (obviously) and made sure none were repeated. I originally wanted to be Belle, but our friend Michelle also wanted to be her so I chose Snow White instead. Cheryl wanted to be different and decided to be Jasmine. All the princesses we are being are Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel. We ordered skirts again from Team Sparkle and Cheryl and I set to work on our costumes. I will have a dedicated post with our final costumes once we get back (don’t want to spoil the surprise) but here is a teaser!

I seriously love how this costume came out and I cannot wait until Sunday! I also ordered another shirt to wear around Disney. I kept seeing it on Pinterest and finally decided I needed it especially for this weekend. I got it here.

I am so excited for this run I need it to be tomorrow already! People always ask me if my goal for running is to win. Ya right! Even if I quit my job and just ran everyday I would never be as good a runner as most and that is ok by me. I didn’t start running to win races I did it for the challenge. Of pushing yourself beyond the limits you think you have. Do I ever dream of crossing the finish line first, crowds cheering and confetti flying everywhere as I break the tape. Sure, but I will leave the real deal to the professionals. Wish me luck!

Princess Half{Source}


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