Celebrity Spotlight

So lately I have been traveling a lot. Be it down to Florida or into New York. And the crazy thing that keeps happening to me is I keep seeing celebrities. Ok not all of them are considered “A-List” celebrities, but I know who they are and they were on TV so that makes them famous in my eyes.

My first one was around Christmas. I went into New York with Cheryl, one of my friends Erin, her sister and her sister’s son. We go in every year to Macy’s Santaland and to see the Rockefeller tree. This year we decided to attempt to get into the new Lego Store in Rockefeller Center. The crowds and lines were ridiculous. Especially because they make you enter right in the aisle at the front of the tree. We had to push through hundreds of tourists just standing there staring. Once inside it was a madhouse (it was the holiday season afterall) and I quickly got annoyed. We finally got everything and went to pay. Low and behold in front of us in line was Jeffrey Tambor! He was such a nice guy. Not sure who the kids were with him but he was very nonchalant about it.

Jeffrey Tambor

Next was the beginning of January in the airport on our way to Disney World. We had a very early flight and stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and food. In line in front of us was AnnaSophia Robb! Cheryl noticed her first and I confirmed who it was. My cousin had no idea but she doesn’t watch a lot of tv/movies. I was excited because she was about to start playing Carrie Bradshaw in the new show The Carrie Diaries was airing in a few days. She has also been in a bunch of movies. She was Opal in Because of Winn-Dixie, Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia and Bethany in Soul Surfer. She was dressed very cute and casual and sat at a table to eat. I must say I always assumed celebrities traveled with an entourage. She was traveling alone and no one else seemed to recognize her really. I started watching the Carrie Diaries and it’s a good show.

AnnaSophia Robb

Next was just a few weeks ago on the friday before my birthday. We were headed into Hoboken on the train to celebrate. The train was a double decker and in the middle car was a girl in a wheelchair. Once I noticed who it was I started to stare then felt bad and went to find a seat. The girl was Ali Stroker from Season 2 of The Glee Project. She has an AMAZING singing voice and I now regret not saying hi to her. SPOILER she was on last night’s Glee! I really hope they make her a regular on the show because she is such an inspiration! I really think she should have won the show in the first place. I also discovered yesterday the reason she was on the train was because she is a NJ local. She lives in Ridgewood a few towns over!

Ali Stoker

The next two on my list of celebrity sightings was this past week on consecutive days!

On Tuesday we went to Brooklyn to see Mumford & Sons. We had to take the Q train from Manhattan to get there. At first Cheryl and I were both standing but when the car cleared out a little Cheryl sat and I started people watching. At the end of the row Cheryl was in was Jack Davenport who plays Derek Wills on Smash! I tried to whisper to Cheryl to look but I made it overly obvious and I felt bad for making a scene, but we were in NY so no one else cared.

Jack Davenport

And lastly on Wednesday I went to have dinner with my friend Billy from high school and Cheryl. We went to Otto Enoteca Pizzeria on 5th. Billy and I got there first and grabbed a bottle of wine to start. When we went to talk to the hostess out of the bathroom comes a blond guy who I thought to myself I knew. After a second (and having watched the show earlier in the day) I realized it was Austin Butler who plays Sebastian on The Carrie Diaries. I didn’t realize who it was until he passed me and Billy hasn’t watched the show so he had no clue. When we sat down he left and passed our table so I (obviously and awkwardly) pointed him out.

Austin Butler

That’s a lot of sightings in such a short amount of time! The best part is no one else around me cared and I think it is because all of them were around NYC. People in NY could care less about celebrities. They have a lot of them there and know that they are people and to leave them alone. Well except the asshole paparazzi but luckily no one was bothering them except maybe me being the awkward and obvious girl staring at them. Have you ever seen or met a celebrity?


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