Throwback Thursday – Fireworks!

Last night I FINALLY met up with one of my good friends from high school for dinner. He moved into the city and coordinating plans with him has been difficult. He said he would start reading my blog…we shall see. Anyway today looking back I decided to dedicate my Throw Back Thursday to him!


In 2009 New York decided to move their Macy’s 4th of July fireworks to the Hudson River. It had perviously been held on the East River. That year we decided we would head into NYC to see the spectacular fireworks show. Luckily my friend’s birthday is the exact same day so we get to celebrate that as well. Whenever we are in the area for July 4th (sometimes we go away) we make it a point to go into NY to see the fireworks. We actually have the perfect place we go to watch them!


We discovered it by accident at first. We knew we had to get to the river early to find seats to watch the fireworks. We wandered around for a while sitting here and there deciding what might be a good vantage point. Then we came across a pier right next to the Intrepid. When we got there we saw crowds of people lingering around the end of the pier. We asked around and found out that the pier would be opening shortly and you could go all the way out to the end and watch the fireworks. We hatched a plan and I entered first (without a bag so I didn’t have to be searched) and booked it to the end of the pier. I had a blanket with me and I found a spot and waited. The pier filled up very fast and we were about 5 hours early. We also didn’t plan properly (no sunblock or shade) but once the sun went down and the show started we were mesmerized.

Macy's Fireworks 2009

Four barges are situated along the Hudson and we were able to see every set of fireworks going off at exactly the same time. We also could hear the performances of famous artists on the Intrepid that were being broadcast on TV. It was an amazing night, one I will never forget and will always compare every fireworks show from now on to.

Even though it is still cold outside I am looking forward to summer and this year’s fireworks spectacular! Have you ever seen the Macy’s fireworks from NY or NJ?


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