Hair Days

Women and hair. They go together. Unlike men we actually have to try most days to not look like a complete mess. For some it seems to come so easy. They look polished and fresh at all times. Others not so much. I have been blessed/cursed with pin straight hair. Most of my friends are envious of my locks. Sometimes I love my hair and some times I hate it, like most women. I have always thought it would be awesome to have curly hair. Then you can straighten it if you want or leave it all curly and cute. But after realizing the rituals most of my curly haired friends have to endure daily to not look like they stuck their finger in an electric socket, I took it back.

Having straight hair has it’s good and bad qualities. Most days I can just brush my hair and it looks good. Even in the summer I can leave the house with it wet or damp and it dries like I styled it in the morning. The problem is it doesn’t hold curls well. I have gotten my hair done for friends weddings and prom and such and by the end of the night it looks like I just woke up. Sometimes there is a wave to it still, but usually it just falls flat. Because of this I have searched Pinterest for hairstyles that will work in my straight hair but also look cute.

When I was younger I taught myself how to braid my own hair. First practicing on my barbie dolls I moved on to my (sometimes unwilling) sister and then onto myself. I must say people are usually baffled how I can expertly braid my hair by myself. Trust me it took a lot of practice! My new obsession (now that I mastered it) is the fishtail braid. After weeks of unsuccessful attempts I finally got the hang of it and can attempt a bunch of pins I have been dying to try.

This morning after refusing to wake up for the gym and having no desire to get ready I decided I wanted to attempt this side twist fishtail braid. The twist took a few attempts to look right and then two attempts at the fishtail. I kept getting random pieces of hair stuck in it at first. Once I was done I decided to attempt to curl the ends of my hair to give it some volume and voila!

Side Twist Fishtail Braid "The Simple Things"

I really like the way it came out! I took the train to work today and this style was perfect to walk in the wind. Here’s a close up sorry for my awkward faces.

Side Twist Fishtail Braid "The Simple Things"


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