Winter Storm Nemo

So over the weekend the weather channel called for a blizzard in the northeast. They decided to call this storm Nemo. And like everyone else I was sad they had to use the name for such an awesome little fish.

Nemo "The Simple Things"

The last time I went to work on a day it was supposed to snow bad I had the worst drive home of my life. My car skidded all the way down a hill, almost into an intersection, and then a half hour drive turned into two hours. I decided to work from home on Friday so I didn’t have to deal with the bad weather. The snow didn’t get bad until around 2 or 3. At that point the wind started up too. Luckily everyone in my family got home early and safe. We ate horrible foods we shouldn’t and watched movies all night while stuck inside.

Snow 2013 "The Simple Things"

The snow wasn’t horrible when we went to bed but the next morning we had about 12 inches on snow on the ground. So we got up and started shoveling along with the rest of our neighborhood. When stuff like this happens it is actually some of the few times everyone in the neighborhood talks and comes together. There is an elderly woman across the street from me. The neighbor next to her usually shovels her sidewalk and driveway. By 2 though he still hadn’t come outside so we assumed he wasn’t home. We shoveled her driveway and started on both their sidewalks. He eventually came out and said thanks and he would finish. Shoveling was a workout and Cheryl decided she wanted to make a snow angel!

Snow 2013 "The Simple Things"

After I veged out all day eating more bad food and watching Game of Thrones, which I am now hooked on. Sunday was our last official bowling game. We should be in the playoffs next weekend but not sure when. I got the highest score of all the games this season, a 135! My score finally counted in the standings for the day and I was excited :)

I really wish these snow storms came around on a Monday or during the week. I hate having weekend plans ruined but still having to go into work on a Monday. The drive today was horrible but I am hoping since it is warmer it will melt all the snow. I can’t wait until spring/summer!


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