Let It Snowwww

So today Blizzard Nemo is crashing down here in NJ. Last time it snowed while I was at work I almost crashed trying to get home. I slid all the way down the hill that my work is on. To avoid that scenario again I decided I needed to work from home today. Glad I did because it is really coming down out there!

Sitting here knowing there is a lot of snow outside reminds me of college. More specific our freshman year of college. We went to school in Pennsylvania so they always had snow…and a lot of it. As college freshman we didn’t have things like sleds in our rooms so we had to improvise. We decided the cafeteria trays would be more than sufficient.


They worked perfectly and we had a blast. Then we decided to bury our friend Erin in the snow. It got out of hand after a while.


Mind you all of this was done without the consumption of alcohol! I must say that is one of my first top memories of college. I wish I could go back sometimes, but for now I will wait until tomorrow to play in the snow.


For anyone on the east coast stay safe out there but make sure to remember you can act like a little kid and play in the snow!


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