Throwback Thursday – The Wonderful Thing About TIGGERS!

So I decided that since I will be visiting the wonderful Disney World again in 15 days this Throw Back Thursday would be dedicated to my favorite character of all time TIGGER!

This is a picture of my sister and I at our first Disney trip in 1988. We were 3 at the time and went because my mom had a business trip there. As you can see me clinging to that lovable Tigger I wish my parents had backed up a little so his face was in it. But at least they captured this moment of me meeting my bestie for the first time.

Whenever I go to Disney I always make sure I find my orange and black friend. This past trip I found him twice! I really don’t know where my love of Tigger came from, but I imagine as a child anyone that just bounces around all day must have a fun life. I am sure that is why I wanted to be friends with him (I also really liked trampolines so that could also be a factor). I know this trip in a few weeks will have me stalking the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot which is where him and Pooh usually hang out. Until next time! TTFN!


One thought on “Throwback Thursday – The Wonderful Thing About TIGGERS!

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